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living a life around peaceful environment, gives a relief after a stressful work shift. i can no longer recall things from the 8 hour work mode i got. i try to simplify myself after tons of load kept inside my brainy. i fight lurid things inside out, not until lately i noticed that someone from the workplace were starting to be a puppet from the old people which i call them wicked witches. i started to be numb again, after after another, i am considering the fact that there'll be changes inside, but nothing as i suppose. Changes in terms of political views in work ettiquets, views about freedom, slips away from the mainstream. i am losing hope now, cant even reiterate that foremost, my capacity to keep the work starts to fade slowly and grunts a lot about these disciples who knocks my nerve just to defame someone in the spirit in me. Tho, i always left that sore in the office. i cant take it out with me and i have to keep my lifestyle in about and nothing else. what really…

anthony bourdain

i was flipping my newspaper page today October 23, 2009; Sun.Star Cebu on B section for Live Saturday edition, when the topic is about ZUBUCHOn, a lechon thats been concocted by Marketman. and his guest is Anthony Bourdain, who had an inset on the page along with the lechon or roasted pig. he commented about its the best of the best. and i scanned over my blog and connected to this guy's fotos and i heard he is gay? it might be slanderous but i was just curious.

I was flipping channels last night and happened to catch the first episode of the new Top Chef. I don’t think I’ve ever watched this show before, but something about deep dish pizza kept me enthralled. One of the guest judges was Anthony Bourdain, who has his own show, No Reservations. I won’t say I find him particularly attractive, but here he is nonethless.

Anthony Bourdain

If you want to see him in all his glory holding his pork, click here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

fotos from the wires

Good Year's community responsibilty

the GoodYear guys were in town to promote Bayani ng Kalsada for 2009 search. I was invited courtesy of a friend from Ogilvy public relations Marco Sindiong. It was on a saturday which i came late to the press con coming from Aparklane for's launching of Propeta, a book transcribed to vernacular by Khalil Gibran one of my favorite poet and brainy guy from the past. have seen again Miguel Barredo the marketing manager who gladly took time to answer our question(the silly and no nonsense one) hahahahah. help us find more of these drivers to push their capabilities in enhancing driving etiquette and manners on road and safety.

who is Bernardo Velasco

i saw him on the net and yes, he is like a godzillion of stars shining right in front of me. but im not obsessed with him, just like the other i admire the gentle face with a touch of masculinity. i wish we were just neighbors and playmates, hahahahhaha. look what internet can bring closer to me

photos from the wires:

Garnier eye roll-on

i cant wait tom have one of this and i read from the net and instyle magazine that this works effectively on darkened eye area. well. im hoping to get one to tell the exact result for this product.

DROOL over me

i was looking at a magazine and stunned by this hunky to drool over. i whined a lot about where on earth this delicious guy could be located, just like locator for an airplane seat. i couldnt get over him that much so im sharing you my fantasy of the day.i am refering to Victor Benain, another brazilian guy on the ramp.

the weekender OCTOBER 10, 2009

saturday got me sugar high. I started to wake up late like 10.30 and reminiscing the days activity ahead of me. came to realized i had an event to attend. keep in touch with my sane world, got up and dressed. the swirling brain and vision caused by heavy intake of such medicine to quench that thirst makes me crave for more. But its gonna be working time; i believe that my capacity as a media representative held my chin up to say DUTY FIRST. i invaded the office by the time everyone got in, surprising that on a saturday i was on a writing mood. i waited for logane and my fotog allan defensor would meet me there. anyway, i met marc of ogilvy and we were accommodated properly. went home with lots of goodies and we were treated to a sumptuous dinner at Chikaan. Thnx Marco Sindiong

Ondoy or Pepeng(the typhoon)

despite of the devastation caused by typhoon Ondoy and pepeng, we filipinos managed to get up and try to put a smile despite the ordeal and gloomy environment the country suffers. that despite of the worlds view on us, we have not let the calamity tear us down to sadness and depression. tho we may feel that we lost something, but still a bright new hope has for us ahead. we derived from a filipino strength and cultivating the culture of bayanihan and the camaraderie made us survived despite in a low string situation. we may have neglected the problem but we are the positive people who face tomorrows another challenge with great smile and heartwarming wink!

On our issue dated October 13, 2009, page A4(Sun.Star Cebu), it got me on this foto that i uploaded made me feel and be proud to tell the world that we are such a bunch of happy people on earth!

i believe that we should be thankful with our environment, from our parents, siblings, grand parents, uncles and aunties, neighbors and frien…

ARE you a clown

it was last saturday Ocotber 3, 2009 that i attended Ekoh and Lilly's birthday party over NEo-Neo grill in Banilad. i had fun eating and i cant wait for cakes and ice cream, when Paula(ekoh and lilly's mom) asked me to host the bring me portion. kids had fun and shortly we were done with the entire show, went out to smoke. everyone is enjoying the sweet treats when suddenly this kid so cute bringing with him sugar made barney head with cap. he asked me if he could eat barney? i said no barney will get mad, then asked me again if he could eat barneys cheek? i said barney will really burn all the houses if you eat him. and one last question, ARE YOU A CLOWN? hahahaha, i went flabbergasted and smiled answering him no. i have to leave for work so i hurriedly asked permission from them. so there, i bid goodbye to all of them. except the kid who asked me, followed me till the gate area.. haaayyyy he is sooo adorable and gosh i even took a foto of him

some thoughts i cant help to drool

i love the contour of the body curve and its organ

Penis o Penis

this story came out today October 1, 2009 with our Super Balita noy Kulas Portion, and guess who is this guy whom i searched so much on the net

Dear Noy Kulas,

Good Day!!!

Please, I need your advice and karon lang jud ko naa confidence ngayo og advice nimo dugay nako ani ganahan mo email nimo but I'm so scared, this is my first time I wrote you a letter. I was confused and by the way I'm sorry about my problem and medyo ma i-laburate jud kuni. My problem like this, just call me Mr. Big 25 years of age working a call center before then right now having my owned business agency, ani man gud ni siya Noy Kulas, my penis it's too big or over size if di siya mo strong gi-try nako og measured ang size 7 inches kana lagi barkada sauna pagcollege curious mi sa mga porn videos, exotic bars, scandals then after ana magcontest mi sa akong mga barkada kinsa pinakadakong bunal even di pa mo strong ang bunal 7 inches naman ni Noy Kulas then kung mostrong na gani 9 and half inches …

ben cohen

omg- i need to buy a copy of this daddy bear, i was drooling over this guy! yum yum yum

Two cents worth by januar yap!-my reply

i agree with you jan, it always imply unpreparedness dooms for another occurrence of another tragedy. while some of the people from the government attending climate change talk, information dissemination should start at community level. but it always ponders me, while we are looking and probe of reasons why it happened? According to FRITZ INSTITUTE site on disaster preparedness cycle; management and coordination, response, support, life safety, protection, emergency coping, initiation of recovery and hazard knowledge is all we need to know and expound. I believe that when next disaster strikes (god forbids), it will be easier for the rescue to point out areas that is badly hit and needed help. thanks for enlightening jan, and hope that this also help our nation to gain fast recovery from this ordeal so lets continue to pray.

Januars blog:

we can think of a thousand reasons, but with the scale in which it came, nobody could've been wiser. no implementation of any law could've pre…


i always felt bad about what happened in the philippines. the ordeal that Manila and the neighboring towns was devastated by sever flooding and hundred died due to the malady. i am in my own way, tweets and post donation caravan for the people from here and abroad could see what happened. i was so heartbroken to the high water, the flash reports, the distress call from ordinary people and all walks of life. it came upon me that what if it will happen in Cebu, which we could never tell. I appreciated the effort of philippines TV network, done their campaign for Sagip Kapamilya and the Kapuso, our very own SunStar Cebu is also doing its part together with other establishment here in Cebu City philippines and individuals to do the share. To Y101, VUDu and Formo, Caltex, RCTV, CountryMall, Julies bakeshop and many more, our praise and appreciations also for PNP, military agencies, rescuers, to those who died during the rescue service, the celebrities and to the individual who in other way…

My fairshare with mother nature

Nothing can beat my happiness and excitement, when office of the AVP told me to pack up on a Monday thats july 27 at 12.30 to leave for Moalboal by 2pm. I had nosebleed getting the instant assignment putting me in trouble first i have to go back home, ending my complete uniform a short stint in the office 2) i dont have enough cash to bring for my vices, hehehehhe. but things weren't my way, as my beloved mader dear tatits asked our finance officer to shed 500 for our per Diem. great i said. and set, im ready with Jello as my usual partner in trips. we found ourselves comfortable in a V-hire for Moalboal, soon by 3.15pm we left the Citilink. we arrived by 6.10 in Club Serena and met up with Rica Gomez at the pavilion to let her know were there. brief conversation soon the front desk officer led us to the adjacent resort which is Delgados. we were then found our nook and relaxed a bit. by 6.30 i found myself at the shower area and dressed up. we had a good dinner and some tanduay a…


Its been months now of contemplating of my fate working in a corporate world. my brother last week, mocked me for i am not worth of what i have right now. which i was thinking twice about it too. now i must make up my mind to know the road to lead me to something i can breathe. tho i have to miss this whole damn thing, but i must learn and i must set to move on. As logane told me and girlie, there will always time for us to re conquer the whole story again and friendship to congregate, and that they're happy for me. i would leave without the existence of upheavals and and yes i should go with all the wonderful memories that marketing give me. the whole fun and a whole new door, a space that filled in, the landscape turned into beauty; were all i cherish. the people that made me feel uncanny! and the names that they already exist and create an etched in my pages and pages of story, i will forever treasure. and for this, maybe a month from now, i will be signing off.... till the ne…

The Kanlaon Serenity

Tribo of The Freeman invited me to come with him to Kanlon in Negros.. i was hesitant at first. many things inn mind and some obligations to be done. but i realized that somehow its for once in a lifetime experience. that point, i started to get the leave weeks before the date set for the trip. i was lucky enough to finally break free, i was committed to lock my self on sunday june 28 for the sunstar sportfest, lest i gotta go. i was asking permission 3 days before emphasizing that i cant attend. the event was something i look forward too, but what if i have to be absent and enjoy the moment. anyways, always had things right after that. later, i find myself, sitting in a cab with tribo and ate debbie of the freeman, for the city link. then found my self in Toledo city for the ferry going to negros oriental. In the mountain top, a la baguio city, i finally came to read, Kanlaon. Whew, a trip for the day and it pays to check the palce again since i came there 2002. we were ushered to Ka…

Nokia and its new technology

Prototype Nokia phone recharges without wires

Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:06PM EDT

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Pardon the cliche, but it's one of the holiest of Holy Grails of technology: Wireless power. And while early lab experiments have been able to "beam" electricity a few feet to power a light bulb, the day when our laptops and cell phones can charge without having to plug them in to a wall socket still seems decades in the future.

Nokia, however, has taken another baby step in that direction with the invention of a cell phone that recharges itself using a unique system: It harvests ambient radio waves from the air, and turns that energy into usable power. Enough, at least, to keep a cell phone from running out of juice.

While "traditional" (if there is such a thing) wireless power systems are specifically designed with a transmitter and receiver in mind, Nokia's system isn't finicky about where it gets its wireless waves. TV, radio, other mobile phone …


after a lazy Sunday packing our stuff and checking out the hotel, which i dont want to and im sure the rest of the guys too at alte 12.30, our boss want to eat outside at sutukil which stands for sugba tuwa kilaw. i was excited over this idea. i really want to go home since i miss my ate,s kids and missed my bed too. i hopped on sir jay's car and there we went ahead of the group. went to drop at Mannas and sir jay spoils to find all the things he liked which we all does. Lobster, shell and Lapu-lapu.Who else doesnt care to eat it when the shrimp turn red and buttery, the kinilaw that has the freshest melting taste and of kors top it down with ice cold 7.UP. quencher and of course filling. I had fun experience listening to Pio, Mikel, Inez and Tiffany, kids discussing over their party (pio's bday) whos going to spend it, where to, and Inez said the funniest line. " Kuya if your going to have a party, cn i invite my friends too? in which Inez is just 5 years old. and so on…

Hottie Korean

i saw this guy at the Hilton Lobby lounge when were about to leave and guess what. i didnt take doubts to click click click over his crotch area. well, i just said it was a nice view for me! he is good looking too

Over the weekend

Independence day never stopped the marketing division of cebu to hold its 2nd half conference of the year. It was done at the Pink icon of Cebu. Hilton resort hotel. it was a nice view since our rooms where all facing the Olanggo island and its pool and Manny O's watering hole. people and me as well enjoyed the night away and the fun and suspense there is in the conference. So much reporting and the team building increases the camaraderie of the group. Sir jay made sure we would not go home empty handed. it was eloquently extravagant of the group. but i could never had the best of it when the food they have were fabulously gastronomical. None of us complained and after a good buffet were all smiles and good booze, in a beautiful bed. it was a weekend get-away plus work.I love the stream bath there for free and the toiletry were from crabtree and evelyn. isnt this a taste of good life and fortune? well, what can i say?

The Moalboal weekend get-away

We were invited by Backpackers Lodge owner Torsten Siggelkow to attend the opening of its Moalboal's new place to stay in the most budget-friendly Hostel. I failed the first time since i was in atight budget then and stranded with soo many things to do. Last June 6, i should keep the promise since its been month for having it delayed. Finally, I convinced Jello, whom my constant buddy on every trip i possibly made impulsively. We took the 5:20pm trip of Ceres bus going south; to our amazed bus fare is 75.00 only and reached Moalboal by 8.25pm. we grabbed trike ride going there for a hundred and whalllaaa. We reached the mediocrity of Panagsama beached, passing by barrio's celebrating fiesta. There, we met the owner and mary ann the wife, Carrie the Fil-American who hails from San Diego. Suffering from her eye sore. we were ushered to eat the pork chop grilled and barbecue, we had red wine asnd efter the sumptuous diner. we were then led to our room right after the sales count…

the bar weekend

i had a hectic sched for the rest of the weeke and last week, rebooting and gulping a lot of alcohol turns me into a hyperpschedilicfrenzyfeeding monster. it was Saturday and party just gets any better. but i dont since it a summer ender event i need to crash myself with people whom i know, cud party that way all night long. I was with some SB adiks which supposedly theres another party or get together somewhere mountain. but i love the beach, so i chose to be different. ending summer with a stash of sand, sea, vodka and of course some friends. Photos show you how we tame ourselves and then party like a rockstar.

funky way today


it was so tiring. woke up early and prepared early for the fotoshoot. i was soo tired yet i got t alot of things to accomplish. loves the marco polo today, heres the taste of the safro me and the sign for Koreans

I can smell the grass

It was a special sunday for me, time to grab some fine details about the greenery and smell the eucalyptic air in Taptap. i had a good view on a sunday afternoon. after munching in Lechon, i had a playful climb with the new found friends which are five year old twins.