ARE you a clown

it was last saturday Ocotber 3, 2009 that i attended Ekoh and Lilly's birthday party over NEo-Neo grill in Banilad. i had fun eating and i cant wait for cakes and ice cream, when Paula(ekoh and lilly's mom) asked me to host the bring me portion. kids had fun and shortly we were done with the entire show, went out to smoke. everyone is enjoying the sweet treats when suddenly this kid so cute bringing with him sugar made barney head with cap. he asked me if he could eat barney? i said no barney will get mad, then asked me again if he could eat barneys cheek? i said barney will really burn all the houses if you eat him. and one last question, ARE YOU A CLOWN? hahahaha, i went flabbergasted and smiled answering him no. i have to leave for work so i hurriedly asked permission from them. so there, i bid goodbye to all of them. except the kid who asked me, followed me till the gate area.. haaayyyy he is sooo adorable and gosh i even took a foto of him


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