the weekender OCTOBER 10, 2009

saturday got me sugar high. I started to wake up late like 10.30 and reminiscing the days activity ahead of me. came to realized i had an event to attend. keep in touch with my sane world, got up and dressed. the swirling brain and vision caused by heavy intake of such medicine to quench that thirst makes me crave for more. But its gonna be working time; i believe that my capacity as a media representative held my chin up to say DUTY FIRST. i invaded the office by the time everyone got in, surprising that on a saturday i was on a writing mood. i waited for logane and my fotog allan defensor would meet me there. anyway, i met marc of ogilvy and we were accommodated properly. went home with lots of goodies and we were treated to a sumptuous dinner at Chikaan. Thnx Marco Sindiong


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