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My fairshare with mother nature

Nothing can beat my happiness and excitement, when office of the AVP told me to pack up on a Monday thats july 27 at 12.30 to leave for Moalboal by 2pm. I had nosebleed getting the instant assignment putting me in trouble first i have to go back home, ending my complete uniform a short stint in the office 2) i dont have enough cash to bring for my vices, hehehehhe. but things weren't my way, as my beloved mader dear tatits asked our finance officer to shed 500 for our per Diem. great i said. and set, im ready with Jello as my usual partner in trips. we found ourselves comfortable in a V-hire for Moalboal, soon by 3.15pm we left the Citilink. we arrived by 6.10 in Club Serena and met up with Rica Gomez at the pavilion to let her know were there. brief conversation soon the front desk officer led us to the adjacent resort which is Delgados. we were then found our nook and relaxed a bit. by 6.30 i found myself at the shower area and dressed up. we had a good dinner and some tanduay a…


Its been months now of contemplating of my fate working in a corporate world. my brother last week, mocked me for i am not worth of what i have right now. which i was thinking twice about it too. now i must make up my mind to know the road to lead me to something i can breathe. tho i have to miss this whole damn thing, but i must learn and i must set to move on. As logane told me and girlie, there will always time for us to re conquer the whole story again and friendship to congregate, and that they're happy for me. i would leave without the existence of upheavals and and yes i should go with all the wonderful memories that marketing give me. the whole fun and a whole new door, a space that filled in, the landscape turned into beauty; were all i cherish. the people that made me feel uncanny! and the names that they already exist and create an etched in my pages and pages of story, i will forever treasure. and for this, maybe a month from now, i will be signing off.... till the ne…

The Kanlaon Serenity

Tribo of The Freeman invited me to come with him to Kanlon in Negros.. i was hesitant at first. many things inn mind and some obligations to be done. but i realized that somehow its for once in a lifetime experience. that point, i started to get the leave weeks before the date set for the trip. i was lucky enough to finally break free, i was committed to lock my self on sunday june 28 for the sunstar sportfest, lest i gotta go. i was asking permission 3 days before emphasizing that i cant attend. the event was something i look forward too, but what if i have to be absent and enjoy the moment. anyways, always had things right after that. later, i find myself, sitting in a cab with tribo and ate debbie of the freeman, for the city link. then found my self in Toledo city for the ferry going to negros oriental. In the mountain top, a la baguio city, i finally came to read, Kanlaon. Whew, a trip for the day and it pays to check the palce again since i came there 2002. we were ushered to Ka…