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Oh what a night!

it was lazy wednesday as usual as any other day of the week. i was bored then, wander myself from smoking outside and in the office i had the crunch time at about 4.30 until 6.00pm but that didn't help me to beat up the boredom. then i came up to jello and talked about having a bottle of emperador in his place. so we did, so there we had dinner over barbeque and puso. because we are in a poverty level(thats the general term for almost broke). by his 200 pesos we had 2 chorizo, 6 pork, two litter pack of iced tea, flat emperador and jugarettes! we spoiled ourselves as if we got plenty of cash hahhahaa, pity for ourselves, we diverted our topics to anything that would come out. soon by 11pm my crush in his bike arrived and yes, i made my glimpses taking advances of him while driving towards his nook.(for info, this crush of mine lives where jello does, in my cousin sasi's place. he is this hunky guy, who always pee beside the gate of his pad). then we ended the night by 1…

Nature wonders over Malapascua

it was such a busy week for me, work schedule were killing me so much. my supervisor is on leave and the work that i am not ussualy doing were made due to needs. my body surrenders to the foliage of the so called grey life in a four cornered room. i aint got no choice but give myself some time. it was friday when that invitation so hard to resist, from a good friend in the marketing May Pino of going to malapascua. Their family owned Los bamboos, i came to visit it last year and yes it made me twist and turn hearing that place, i told myself that i should come for a much needed space! so without so much hesitation i decided to come By 12:30 am. as i barge may with text messages telling her i would come and to call me at 5.30 am so we could meet. im still hesitant over that text, i went out with jello and had a bottle of beer with my cousin sasi and friends, but after i refused due to my sinus pains that would kill me. i rested, went home at about 3.15 am and then i packed my stuff, fe…

Cul de Sac

it was late when i came home and another bottling session with my hommies is on a humdrum. leaving my notions not even once. it was a great stint with this guys when you can feel the reverberating contusion in the throat as words and tanduay 5 years passes thru it. it is where i could vent my anxiety and without asking sympathy from the boys in my life! MAK2 the person i could confide with so many things, was the person to help me ease up. with titing amon, allen the more suggestive to chaos person( sorry for that) well, he does all the time; gido, binky and James.

i then find the plot a small collision cum big differences to tackle, waiting for the first person to open up. what so funny with us beacause after every arguments/language barrier eat your heart out session, we all does cheers to the friendship. it was a cul de sac for me not to open up, not to be honest with whats inside since im there, sitting, sipping and sharing my mind for the day cum unwind.

James was more of th…