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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh what a night!

it was lazy wednesday as usual as any other day of the week. i was bored then, wander myself from smoking outside and in the office i had the crunch time at about 4.30 until 6.00pm but that didn't help me to beat up the boredom. then i came up to jello and talked about having a bottle of emperador in his place. so we did, so there we had dinner over barbeque and puso. because we are in a poverty level(thats the general term for almost broke). by his 200 pesos we had 2 chorizo, 6 pork, two litter pack of iced tea, flat emperador and jugarettes! we spoiled ourselves as if we got plenty of cash hahhahaa, pity for ourselves, we diverted our topics to anything that would come out. soon by 11pm my crush in his bike arrived and yes, i made my glimpses taking advances of him while driving towards his nook.(for info, this crush of mine lives where jello does, in my cousin sasi's place. he is this hunky guy, who always pee beside the gate of his pad). then we ended the night by 12 with so many things and plans, revealing my true feeling for someone and of course the undying story of love and frustrations over LTR! that was such a good night as we adjourned to its stillness. i walked away with nothing in mind but to find my space for bedtime. Pit-os is far from capitol site, so i must grab a PUJ ride for i only got 60 pesos in my wallet, sorry Sun.star but we always end up broke before sweldo. but i believe compensations comes late than never. becomes toxicated i walked my self to juana osmena extension going to national bookstore to grab a ride, to no avail, i walked the streets of ramos ending up Velez hospital, which reminds me of bad memory--- But it wasnt bad for the night, as cabs passes by and stop hoping that i would take aride but no, i am not. but this one, whit a hunky driver saw me as he passes by at the other side of the street, staring me like i was so irked with it. he make a turn at the curtain stall and then stopped by me and being nonchalant for a moment. i was so irritated upon seeing him there full stop in front of me, i was thinking that if jeepney would pass and i cant take it coz he was blocking my way. the driver was looking at me and looking at his fone, now it startled me, my ming becomes playful and me scared opened his door told him i wont take a cab, but hey! he was so polite asking me where am i going? of course, everything in my mind abruptly changes hatred and irate to become somber and i politely answered im heading for talamban, he invited me to ride with him and i refused telling him the reason that i have only 40 pesos(my 60 gone to 40 now) coz i still have to ride habal2 going straight o my place. he was so nice again that he told me, ill give you a lift with the 40 pesos, hesitant me asked him "are you sure" and he smiled. while inside the cab he was listening to "wrock" and some moaning sounds bothered me. asked him is that the music coz theres something in it. he was smiling and told me he is watching something on his fone. and showed me how angelica daw being fucked by a korean. i almost laughed out loud but i still remain quite. he asked me if i like it, but honestly i dont really love that kind of episode of nakedness. i'd rather go naked than watching it. we were almost in asilo and i said, just drop me here, ill wait for a talamban bound jeepney, and he stopped then told me, i will take you to talamban. i dont know whats with this person and i looked at him in my whirly and hazy eyes, he is totally not that bad looking. he told me he owned the cab and he just wanted the night to pass by freely. he told me was just roaming and he saw a lot of gays whom he says he doesnt like dirty looking( he refers to the bayots with make up or dressed down like a queen). i just nodded hearing him with his critical words. as i looked at him again he was staring at me while it was a full stop, i began to feel the scare as we were in the country mall area. i dont know whats on his mind, then suddenly he showed me his fone, watching the girl giving the guy a blow job and he told me, he like it! OMG, this is hell of a brow raise or just being so idiot me. as the red light faded, we proceeded and he got my left hand and let me grope his bulge. i began to feel ecstatic and suddenly i felt the urge, he was so damn yummy whom i could not resist to suck his dickies. unzipped him and took of fhis belt, i was now groping him while driving, he has hard on and in cabancalan junction he made a right turn, we stopped by the Transco gate and full stop, looking around and it was 3 am it was so quite i gave him a head. time to cum he shouted shit and pushed me hard while still sucking him while he come. i groped his breast too and his soft ass. it was the best. i forgot to spit the juice i swalloed it as he asked me if i like it, the size and the thing were doing. i said yes hahahhaha with juice traveling my throat i was looking for my perfume and the candy i saved the night before. he wanted me to do it again but came the tricycle so we left the parking area and proceeded. i moved down in the junction while he said good night; i just smiled and closed the door. he smiled back and i left my mind in oblivion state, cant believe what i had done. well as i arrived home, i had water, some half bath and slept. woke up early today! and i can still feel the ecstasy.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nature wonders over Malapascua

it was such a busy week for me, work schedule were killing me so much. my supervisor is on leave and the work that i am not ussualy doing were made due to needs. my body surrenders to the foliage of the so called grey life in a four cornered room. i aint got no choice but give myself some time. it was friday when that invitation so hard to resist, from a good friend in the marketing May Pino of going to malapascua. Their family owned Los bamboos, i came to visit it last year and yes it made me twist and turn hearing that place, i told myself that i should come for a much needed space! so without so much hesitation i decided to come By 12:30 am. as i barge may with text messages telling her i would come and to call me at 5.30 am so we could meet. im still hesitant over that text, i went out with jello and had a bottle of beer with my cousin sasi and friends, but after i refused due to my sinus pains that would kill me. i rested, went home at about 3.15 am and then i packed my stuff, few clothing to keep me going for a 3 day fete. yes im excited but just in case. i alarmed my self for 5.30. but i believe that may was ready then so i just went back to sleep. she called me by 6 asking me if i could come and i said yes, no matter how my eyes were in sore but i still tend to get up and headed straigh to the bathroom, took a splash and then without hesitations i had been dressed and make myself ready. soon i was driving myself for the North Bus terminal, and texts barge in my fone, informing me that May was desperately waiting for me. as soon as i got in the terminal i saw may txtng and that was for me byt the way, hahahhaha. we boarded the red bus which indicates maya bogo trip. first it was just 5 of us but soon the passengers came in from nowhere. i boarded with this cute american italian guy, his name is mark and that british guy which i didnt catch his name who keeps borrowing my lighter. i've chatted with this, as i sit apart from Mayang(may as i fondly call her in the office). he was reading barrack Obamma's life and i was on AMy tan's; we had a pause, might be exhausted me, so i slept. i woke up when we got on Maya Port(the tip of Daan Bantayan) and there met with Alna(may's sis) with Ronnie lechner and kids. i was so excited because MArk and the whole bunch of good looking foreign guys were on the same banca ride. as soon as we arrived we headed straight to los bamboos as i bid farewell to my new found chat, hahahaha. i freshened up eat lechon, bought tanduay and coke and stayed at the same villa where i stayed last years visit. i did a lot of things which i missed last year, unearthed my self and take a dip alone in the other side of the islet. ronnie was there too, wearing green trunks and OHHH lalala you see what i see joseph! as i murmured to myself. hahaha, my pervert evil side is starting to whisper me! well that cynical guy was not as friendly tho with the peeps i had met in the bus. but well who cares as i am enjoying the chilly water and the sight. by 6.30 pm i was on my room still wearing wy swimming attire, i could hear the cicadas now, and i miss that. the waves throng as it approches the shoreline and the motor banca whos wandering for fishes at this early! i am sipping my coke rum now! texting EPOY and DAle and Jello! i had the reply with epoy and dale but jello, ay ambot! he might as well as busy as the bees! while i am churning with my rum coke and happy nuts! dinner was sumptuous and water was cold that was all on my mind, i might be looking for sex but thats 1 percent pervertness sucking me to the world of reality and having good sex with the make believe. later at 10.30 the wave was getting bigger and the moon is so bright reflecting the white sand that made the place so lucid and me being a wanderer roamed to this shore where fishermen embraks after the heavy catch with squids. i saw this pallid and skinny guy with a few catch well that is for drying and called Pusit na buwad. yummy but it smells awfull everytime i passes buy a fishermans house, laying it under the bares sky and sun to dry. well i had a marvelous stay for three days and 2 nights, giving me the best of what i knew could ease my tension, capturing back my quintessentials in life and most of all the much needed peace and serenity over mind and heart! went home and yes i misses the KIDS, Yshai, Sidryk and Francine... so i drop at my sis house before proceeding to my waiting bed and the two doggies!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cul de Sac

it was late when i came home and another bottling session with my hommies is on a humdrum. leaving my notions not even once. it was a great stint with this guys when you can feel the reverberating contusion in the throat as words and tanduay 5 years passes thru it. it is where i could vent my anxiety and without asking sympathy from the boys in my life! MAK2 the person i could confide with so many things, was the person to help me ease up. with titing amon, allen the more suggestive to chaos person( sorry for that) well, he does all the time; gido, binky and James.

i then find the plot a small collision cum big differences to tackle, waiting for the first person to open up. what so funny with us beacause after every arguments/language barrier eat your heart out session, we all does cheers to the friendship. it was a cul de sac for me not to open up, not to be honest with whats inside since im there, sitting, sipping and sharing my mind for the day cum unwind.

James was more of the drama queen, pouring out so much attention to nerdy's criticism/joke. well, in fairness to nerdy who always have the worst criticism ever could always shyed to humiliation or shut up. in this group its not how to get in but its how could an individual survive the greatest humiliation, green jokes, picking and the unending chores to keep you up. well perhaps the girly james could kill the exact replica of Nerdy picking him of his show-off gums, the elephant ears or the sunglasses over the legs hahahaha(excuse me i also got one, ahemmm). but then again i was refering to survival, how could it be when gay vs. gay attacks suppressed? well i dont know for everytime i end up in a hot seat, i always keep them going, for i am too sure they'll get tired of me pretending to be non-chalant of the ferocious attacks from Sasi especially(well she is just my cousin, an insane, lunatic, alcoholic Mc Donald Manager). but they are more scared of my uninhibited attacks. i dont think twice , i just keep on going when im on the track.

sometimes i could feel that i could go somewhere else but i made a point that i wont step on some one elses shoe. sorry for my stupid mouth, that i could be tactfull to tactless! well i could thank the whole sweet bunch for being so nice and inspiring. to the guys of TAPOKO this would be the best time to thank you, and for the detractors, wait for your turn! hahahaha