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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

as we gather

the night we had was never a still, nor boring. we laugh our hearts out and we signify the friendship that totaly bond us together, whether complete or not. wwe make sure were green all the way! the battlecry, the lumniscense there is in every charming talk, the camaraderie and the emotion of a hearty laugh make a good friendship! hail to the SB Adiks

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

that sweetness, your nearness

Sinulog fever comes too soon and vanish like vapor of thin air. Its a city mayhem, haven for devotees and the party! but i wasnt been stricken by the bug, it was this guy who caught my eyes that in some other way was owned by someone i knew and closest! Agustus Brian Baron Enriquez. introduced to me as sep2, impressed by his loftty smile but hails a down to earth persona! i could grab a bunch of that smile and kept it forever. thats the first stance to pull myself into normal behaviour. i cud go wanton but i am scared to go beyond, i might give a wrong impression. but he was moved by my wit, charm and cuteness that he even made way to introduce himself tho aloof, he made his way! he is fun, sweet and sms always have the key word for me to jump over my seat or in bed! weeeeeee, i think im starting to fall but im paving the thot of not to, because he is getting me there!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


* smbgurl : xtian: im having fun wd d kids pg.sunday, duwa m nla kahlil!
* christian : tayad lolz!
* christian : ikaw drey?
* christian : drey Smile
* smbgurl : tayad: wla lingaw oi! Smile
* tie_ad : ay..sori xtian..busy man gud ka diha andrea...
* smbgurl : tayad halu
* smbgurl : xtian: pgsure oi mingaw man hinoon! Smile
* christian : tayad!
* tie_ad : sleep!!!!
* christian : im good drey, mingaw nimu, ikaw?
* smbgurl : xtian: muzta?
* christian : drey? Smile
* smbgurl : xtian!!!
* DarkestStar : g2g. peace.
* DarkestStar : dedoc lla era eseht.
* DarkestStar : for good.
* DarkestStar : its one of the best this world could offer us, becoming a hardcore.
* DarkestStar : if u got the Codes and became a hardcore with the codes, thats good enough, coz theres a lot of us now!
* christian : drey musta ang sunday? Smile
* jiggy101 : McHarishi!

The featured sb adiks

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my beer bong

it was just a bold move to join the fun, under a warm weather of Alejandros night after hedkandi rocked CICC. well, if it wasnt for mafit and antong i wud never dared this stuff! beer bong baby! it started quite messy but to sum it up! it was awesome!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the belo experience

being beautiful comes naturally, but since belo medical group was founded. they enhances the best in one person! like me! and the team that powers the nation with their expertise in the world of cosmetics fused to create a new perspective about beauty!

The awesome smile and the quick guilt pleasure

lest have i known for a torturing mind cant help but wonder. as i inebriate and becomes ecstatic-- all else fails. but despite of the shortcomings.. his smile wud lighten up the chaos. nad its a secret!

Friday, January 16, 2009


soulful, contaminating, mindblowing music and left me nowhere but my feet stomping as Hedkandi's dj ANdy played his list! mindful of the people that almost Cebu's best crowd came to party! CICC was filled with beautiful , sassy, elite crowd and truly yours was there to party! and i had the first hand to talk to them at Shangri-la mactan. In time for the Sinulog 2009, Cebu parties like a rockstar.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Despite the city rammed with the scorching heat, dehydrating distance walk, swarming individuals just to experience the most awaited Cebu City event. Honestly, you know as what they say? If you go to Sto. Nino church, that’s the core of the Sinulog. That's where you'll really feel and understand the Sinulog spirit and what it is all about. The faith of the Cebuanos is overwhelming and heartwarming. It is the fusion of religion, street fair, fun and people from the entire metro to the world as they returns home and congregates to pay homage for the feast of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. On this festive mode, Joseph Bontilao of Sun.star Plus and Special haggled some of the balikbayan’s and locals whose devotion is endless, who shared their fond memories for this event on its 27th years and counting.

What's there not to love about it? apart from the Sinulog being the biggest festival in the country, its really all about the sense of community, pride and unwavering faith that emanates collectively from all Cebuanos in homage to the Señor Sto.Niño. It reminds us of our roots and how Christianity originated from our beloved Cebu. - Jaja Chiongbian Rama, Marketing Director, VUDU, FORMO, PASEO

It is that one time in a year that all Cebuanos are united by their devotion to Sr. Sto. Niño in showing the rest of the Philippines and the world how great Cebu is.- Dr. Yong Larrazabal III, Cebu Doctors' University

It's like one big island fiesta where there's a good mix of all sorts of people who take it all into the streets. Even a Cebuano can act touristy in his hometown, all over again.-Kara Mae Noveda- - ABS CBN TV personality
I love the contagious festive spirit!- Jude Bacalso Y101 Dj/Writer/Socialite
I get to be with my family and relatives who comes here to Cebu! Although i'll be working during the grand parade, I’m more than happy to deliver live feed of the festival to our audience. I’m also looking to working with my fellow reporters and anchors- Cecil Quibod- TV Personality- GMA7

The fellowship of the people and of course the booze... not to mention the lovely ladies!!! - PJ Lee, proprietor LEE Plaza Dumaguete

Seeing people in festive mood while they enjoy the grand parade, makes me love Sinulog- Bobby Nalzaro- News TV Host GMA7/Sun.Star Cebu columnist

Sinulog is the celebration of faith that brings Cebuanos all over the world to one place that is Cebu -Janet Tagala-Medical Technologist USA

The party from Monday to sinulog Sunday. That makes the festivity essential and part of the itenerary-Andrew Manila-Chef USA,

The time where we go back to basic, pray and chant Pit señor, it’s spirit of being there at the street. Deneb Genabe- electronics and communications engineer METAPHIL

When people party the whole night like there’s no ending, and still party at the street on Sinulog grand parade -John Mark Libarnes-Photography Enthusiast

The miracle and history of Sto-Nino -and I always go with my mother that time so overcrowded at Sto. Niño-Roy Opolentisima -Occupational Therapist Australia

I love Sinulog because i can do business while displaying my talents, i do face painting every sinulog-Anthony Brian Villafuerte- RN Sykes Asia

It's a joyous way of expressing our thanks for all the bounties He had given throughout the year - Cezoralene Fernandez- Art Director Dubai

I love sinulog coz its wen people converge and are one because of faith and the love for good times- Kate Grace Anusuriya, caregiver instructor

First, i Love it because I LoVe the miraculous child Jesus.... Snr. Sto Niño! We CeBuanos are always united specially in this time. One DaNce.One BeAt.One Vision. Pit SenYor! Second, CeBu is the Best- Jerome C., Admin Head, Audionet Axis Telcom

I used to be a sinulog dancer before, way back 1995. It is the first time that I joined Sinulog in Cebu from Butuan City contingent, and we won the Grand prize. It's a nice feeling not only after winning the contest but the essence of celebrating the feast. Junie A. Rendon, PTRP. Physical Therapist

What I love most about Sinulog is the fact that I am able to walk from the church to Fuente and all the way to Mango or Capitol and not even minding the heat, barely feeling tired because along the way you get to appreciate more the festivity with people you're with and the crowd everywhere enjoying the momentous event. Kristin-Tafline Mendoza USJ-R student and call center agent-Cebu City

Sinulog is one way Cebuano’s show devotion to the Blessed Child Sto. Nino which has protected and love the Cebuano people through times. Most of all the PARTY!!! Engelbert D. Gil Businessman- Cebu City

Gosh I miss that!!! It's like a tradition and part of our Cebuano lifestyle that is so hard to get rid of even if we live outside the country already. All we can do here is to reminisce of the good times we celebrating Sinulog for many years. Meantime, we have no choice here but experience Sinulog on the Sunstar website. I just wished I'm home. – Mary Grace Cañete-Florida USA

The great pride of every Cebuano because it gives benefits to Cebu tourism and enriching our faith – Abigail Adequiña- marketing manager Cebu Doctors’ Hospital University

I love sinulog because it’s the only time you get to walk from Ayala to Abellana without minding the distance. :) - Ma. Lourdes Mozo-Business Correspondent/ Writer

It’s Cebu's one of the biggest events and one of the things that I missed there not just party but praising Sto. Nino that gives a lot of blessings to me and attending procession a day before its dance parade contest! Jocelyn Cortes Guevarra-Dubai

I love Sinulog because it is a festival for everybody. A feast of love, beauty and unity to all the Cebuanos...especially a festival of faith honoring the child jesus-sto nino.. pit senior! Adrian Ferraren- company team leader.

I love sinulog because it brings family, relatives and friends coming from different places together, and the good thing is the party! They all come to cebu for the big celebration and we all love the sinulog party and the street dance - Paula Soberano Lunday - technical support representative

The churchgoers emotion which you can also feel the intense miracle when singing the “ batobalani”. – Abigail Fuentes Selma- Proprietress U.S.A.

The fireworks display at the grand finale of the sinulog parade at the Cebu City sports center, awesome and hair raising- Hazel Semblante-mother

I love it when its Sinulog because my whole clan will hold its reunion, and I’m excited with my cousins that are coming to town and goes on the street on the parade day, as we walk the entire route, without feeling the woes and wearies!- Goldie Perez, North Carolina, USA

a tie that binds

we were so ready for a sunday shoot, despite of the schedule conflicting our day-off. sinulog mass on sunday and of course crowd control! we made our day and cut it off for the supplement. and it strengthens our friendship with the people behind the production team and with these two special people in the office! this is well treasured moment


Models: Gwen trott and Sharon of AD Models FEMME
Photo by: Joseph Ong
Locale: City Hall PArk and Basilica del ZSto. Nino de Cebu
stylist: Dexter Alazas assisted by papi Violeta
special thnx to Jonathan Gesalem for the wonderful lunch over Jonie's Chicken SM city and Jean Bastinen for coordinating with MR. Gesalem

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese new year 2009

the weary heart and and soul was into this foto shoot. i know this is our way of dedicating our passion for good taste and perfections! to just let our readers ease up and relax! and read the supplement!

credits: Fotos ARNI ACLAO
thnx to Kirsty's mom and dad so supportive

Saturday, January 3, 2009

XMAS and new year to

as i ushered in 2009, i was having fun for the year that was 2008! everything was a test of time! but despite of it all! i learned things in the hardest way! BANTAL fly over was a mess at first, the office then the people! i met a lot of them, some where just for fun and some were kept. i was in love and hurt and im happy now! my best gift for this bday was talking to him MINE! nothing can beat our friendship with epoy! places i visited lat year! I went to Pagadian, Ozamiz, bohol, Palawan and manila. but it was just halfway! ill try my best to keep that thing for this year! Y101 shout box! a difference adding more list to my friendster and facebook!