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Y101 Shoutbox adiks party 2008

at first look, it was like a hi-skul reunion. and drive in and take the plunge and there one wud know it was a party! not just the ordinary party! but an Eb party for the premier FM staion in metro Cebu, the Y101 Shoutbox people congregated to create noise and Hysteria at PIPELINE billiard bar in Arc. reyes St. creating much noise than the pipe in music were the bananas and oyster forming the word I belong, as we meet and gret(we, because i was one of them)! New friends and great company made my December 23, 2008 a blast!

Xmas and things new

it was lonely and sad xams for me! but despite of it all! the juiciest thing had come at my face! letting me feel the essence of xmas in a mute mode! Family related arises, it can never be that bad nor condescending. dometimes life twists life lemon, leaving the sap and peel! with itsw juice sour as the vinegar, yet tangy! well, i had friends, shared my xmas with the farthest neighbor and felt whats in their xmas! i had fun the week before! with some guys i met!

Sunstar Xmas party

Xmas party for Sunstar cebu and i hosted the show! it was the ordinary yet strange party

In Unison

Back in the day when things were cool, All we needed was bop ba ba ba ba ba du -
Oh bop ba ba ba ba ba du - well well well. Soul flower take me flying with you - hey
Just gimmie' that bop ba ba ba ba ba du - hey, Oh bop ba ba ba ba ba du - well well well,Back in the day when things were cool, We used to meet up with these dudes
Then we rolled on the Vogues and trues,Then we would ride around the park
'till its after dark, bump in the trunk with the windows, rolled up - PUFF! --- well well well-Eryka Badu... grand reunion with the firls of my life. their men were there and its been 5 years abigail left for the US and she returns with a vengeance. we partied at VUDU in PRIVE and see the pics:)

Been looking for Him

this guy in the foto is my cousin at large. its been eon now that i tried to fit into his world but it wont meet. even the stars doesnt like it coz its just when PSME ad happened to be me afront got it. Way Back then, We were introduced at the wake of our dear uncle Juancho, which relates me to him thru the Basiga side of the archive. It was that their group were so nice on our acquaintance; then left far beyond that area, and never heard. well at least i got his photo now! he is my Ben Affleck and just cant forget the guy!!! hope to mee them again.

Paul francis

a hot guy i have been drooling at my PC today was this view from another blogger. and OMG hes tall like 6" and is under three modeling agencies from NYC and Barcelona. love his thighs and abs

another sumptuous site

this site does mean so much for a travel enthusiast in me! the foods they speak just represents the best teh phillipine island has instored

Good site to recommend, was s good site to eat dine and unwind. scavenging a place is hard to do but not at this site, it must be owned by a male, because he has his own terms as a male blogger does speak. its soo updated. love reading it

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