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Pagadian and Osamiz

April 22, 2008, AT, Gothong Butuan bay docked at Cebu Port. Kuya arnold and i slept very soundly, while te cathy did not. we transfered from tourist to cabin, where the four bed supposedly occupied by three. it was a great trip, seen a lot of friends from way back then.

it was a blast over my experience in Pagadian, the food in a hundred pesos its a meal for three already. the Estores family were such a family too. i had fun in their haus. just like i was in Cebu. i am soo relaxed and yes i am safe with old folks and new one, ANN(Bernies fiancee), Michael(kuya arnolds bro and works for BDO) and Isabel their youngest. with their papa. we had a great lunch, sumptuous one. We were working together to a great party on a Sunday. We roamed around too, and guiltlessly spoke my idea about the place. THE NO NO TRAFFIC SIGN, the undiscplined drivers, the weird trike, the laid back pace and its development. The people i have seen, were some moslems and some catholic.i might not even recogniz…



My MINE, the stranger, the texter

He texted me, we fall in love we call each other MINE, we hang out til' wee hours in the morning, the night wont end without saying i love you, i miss you, word war, petty feud, haggling, kissing, make love, explaining why we do love each other. I'm having a good day ahead, morning texts, telling me his going for a ball game, drinking binge, with his friends or out where jullias located, telling me he was home at 3.45am; missed calls.

All this word were the latest buzz about me and MINE. Throughout the day, he was the constant texter i got from day to day. Encompassing yet i was looking forward. i was in constant navigation, inhaling every thin air when it starts to become so crispy at 2am or 4 perhaps. not until saturday! He might bade farewell the last txt i got was "TIPSY" might be an acronym. but then i tried to sway back from getting too deep with what was he texted, i replied to my own thought. till now, i dont really know where he is, why he never texted…

strange text

it was thursday, i was so tired, i havent had a good rest since wednesday night, killing myself for the supplement. i went home early when in the jeepney theres this text from my fone unexpectedly, read it and just found a freaky " CAN I BE YOUR TEXTMATE?" wtf as i murmured, he keeps on txtng until i the last one mentioned my name. how could this guy knew me and num is not registered, i cursed him to death and he said his name is erik, bullfrog i dont know him, but we are sending love messages now, how pathetic and how enchanted(as what jello loves to say). hahaha, wish this would end.

a weekend getaway at San Remegio Beach Club

Whew hot summer weekend, and the ball start rolling by 6 am, my fone was filled missed calls from emily and jello. aside from the texts i was so tired with the time i came home from my grandmas wake. im ready for San remegio beach club and i am apalled with whats going to happen. i was so freaky late. but i went to catch the whole team over Jollibee recla. hahahaha, im sure that these people were so furios now. well, humid weather on a saturday, heading to the rendezvouz is not that easy, its a two hour trip almost three. gosh i almost vommited with being thirsty. thanx to bobbie albert the great magician aka make up artist. we had fun all the way. the day was filled with activity, right after we arrived, greeted by stuff from san rem, had lunch and rested; i took the itenerary out, shoot begins at 4.30 with mr. allan d, tasked to do the shoot, while jello and i does the styling, bobbie was busy with his retouching. we were so busy with the fitting, and measuring the area, whew …