the passion for photography is within a person who handles the gadget. at first hand i was given the chance to rediscover little by little my secret passion about photography. My mentor was my papa, lolo and my uncle, who in the long run have been mused , with their SLR. which are nikon. I took my first shoot when i was 7. in my great uncles beach front in Lilo-an back then that was so clean. my first subject were my cousins, lined up for posterity sake. next was when i was in college, photojournalism, and now with my line of work, i was with allan defensor, who is so helpfull about the tips and techniques. thnx to fotoshop but no thanks. these fotos posted were as virgin as me(hahaha, sori to all those who dont get it). they were my short stint but yet im kinda fulfilled with it, after a long day run, camwhoring as these pro peeps infront of me, trying to negate with my clicks and whalllaaaaa, natural smiles under the bamboo, on which its color displayed much of the life and vibrancy to which conducts a bold yet subtle hues of life, fun and mimic of SUMMER.


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