My MINE, the stranger, the texter

He texted me, we fall in love we call each other MINE, we hang out til' wee hours in the morning, the night wont end without saying i love you, i miss you, word war, petty feud, haggling, kissing, make love, explaining why we do love each other. I'm having a good day ahead, morning texts, telling me his going for a ball game, drinking binge, with his friends or out where jullias located, telling me he was home at 3.45am; missed calls.

All this word were the latest buzz about me and MINE. Throughout the day, he was the constant texter i got from day to day. Encompassing yet i was looking forward. i was in constant navigation, inhaling every thin air when it starts to become so crispy at 2am or 4 perhaps. not until saturday! He might bade farewell the last txt i got was "TIPSY" might be an acronym. but then i tried to sway back from getting too deep with what was he texted, i replied to my own thought. till now, i dont really know where he is, why he never texted. i am starting to get scared, the worry might be a surrogate to the emotion that i believe will be burried. as if it never existed. when in fact its hurting me now that i missed that person so much, that despite of his being anonimous; still i embrace the fact that i keep holding on to his promise.

But then again, i was happy to the thought that despite of everything of being me, someone loves me, shared my sharpest mind boggling ideas. we love being childish together, i love him making me a brat of his love, talking to my absurd behaviour i might have this an up close excuses, perhaps of his being so real. i then fell for him. surreal might i thought, but im starting to fall apart now. i dont now what to do... u left me blue, you told me i could get thru coz god loves me and you too! would i hang on to it?


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