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Neil Etheridge

OMG im looking gaga over this and more from Folded and Hung print ad in magazines and all blogs , he is everywhere. another one to drool over. A rare scene that excites me, but too much tempting and its hard not to be. Besides these guy made it to my top 10.

This man shows how male species strut their stuff in pizzazz. I hope to post soon Philippine volcanoes here tooo. Thanks to kat de castro and the for the photos

Last Song Syndrome, so love ittttt. replay 100 times

Ozamiz Pagadian 8.5.11

it was a blast, dickies at the ferry with this guy from Tacloban, hmm cute one then the encounter at the bus with the guy who helped me get my bag to the top shelf and followed with some little nauseating scene and im perverting myself with the idea. gosh is this the long trip escalates. paid off tho