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the marketing conference of 2009

ready set, Costabella. rise and shine for the best day had come to keep the weavering heat at its peak! another time of the year where haggling and fun, business and leisure packed in!

Oscars 2009

funny how i watch the OSCARS when Hugh jackman performed Broadway style with Beyonce, zac efrona and vanessa hudgens. It integrates the real stage for the first time at the academy awards. Well spent, very polished and it was a spectacular event containing the life in hollywood. I also loved queen latiffah's number in memoriam. Anne Hathaway looks pretty, Tina Fey struts a nice dress, fabulous reese witherspoon also has her blue collection dress! but definitely and applause for sean penn for his leading role in MILK, as a gay, definitely a movie to watch. Natalie Portman also presented along with patten robertson of Twilight and of course Will Smith who i believe have some booze before presenting. Though Slumdog is a beautiful story depicting lives of Mumbay people in India, i still can believe they garnered the best picture of this years OSCARS. i beleive it was a tough competition between Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke who also plays a hard role on their respective movie! i believe…


i may not be Edward murrow for his best investigative journalism or edward thompson for gonzo journalism, but i still expresses my deepest thought and puts my heart to where and what im writing. a soul of every mind spoken can never be equated with too much critic no appreciation. it depends on whom the stone has been casted. but some of this group og gay teacher from somwhere far from the city, tried to shout out, vocalizing another leverage of their fickle minded personality into nowhere but me. i still tends to compensate that but in no way, i vividly seen their dark intention. i dont know w\how they taught classes, but they get to read some of my blog. i tried to condescend and i still lift my chin up and proved them wrong. well, i dont even brag like they do and cant even compare my self from them because im unique.

it aint just the rush

i know every moment of our life we get to defy the feeling of being in on place because of time. but one saturday in my life the world stop in front of me, the time clicks slowly and gone are my wear and tear smile. i got drunk, but i had fun, with the people i can say i could spend my good old days.