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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding Bells afar

PAGADIAN 2008, the second time around to beat the odds and face myself another challenge for a friend. His wedding, Bernie Estores and Ann Santillan, both hailed from Pagadian. I made a quick change and derived an idea to create hysteria as in total make-over for teh venue, total change of the mode at the reception. Well i got my surprises over the priest who pratices CHuppah a jewish practice which they made a canopy for the couple, the priest was soo crazy for me. He might thought that me looking at it was a stupid guy, hahahaha, hes loss. and to the hang ups of Ann's mom and sister with that host wannabe from Cagayan hahahaha, they were so funny, conventional and so provincial stupids! At least i proved them wrong, i got the last laugh!

FORMO for me

It was friday and i cant help and resist the IT, April Rama a dear momma in the house, invited me to come and get to mingle the crowd at FORMO. well' to my surprise, i have a lot of things to do, PLDT MyDSL advance party is happening at the FORMO and of course, Miss Jaja Chiongbian was there too with the gorgeous hubby Hon. Edu, who is so sleek, Lorlor my dear attended the event and Jig Arquiza associate editor for Weekend(Sun.star Cebu) with Clint Hilton Potestas our good taste writer and Jonas Panerio from CDN who, wasted himself with coke and iced tea in his gusto! it was a well rounded party, and met the best guys in town who flew in from Manila. April rama was so pretty that night and Juday( JUde bacalso) was soo stunning as Kate Torralba strut with Daddy choy over her black gown with the Oblate gold patch at the side, ohh damn pretty. Bambam was such a surprise and we went home together:) thanks April i was so dead drunk!

ive been there and back

lately, things were so in place. like stellar like wacky. grooming ourselves for the best supplement cover, we first went to meet(thats me and emily) Dexter Alazas the mighty to ask permission so we could use Nikki Taylor as our cover model for the Health BEauty and wellness supplement. i wasnt able to believe at first glanced of the situation, since Nikki is such a busy entity. We know, since shes into photoshoot and TV and school, i envy her shining capacity. When we got the nod from Dexter, prob was the locale... then our prowess of speech led us to Shangri-la Resort and Spa via the communications assistant manager Lesley Tan and Carla Kiamko Sun.star's very own advertising consultant. Now, the second problem arises when Jessie Glova(yes the filthy rich) make-up artist dons a wedding in Manila and we have to find a perf day to fit in his sched. Whilst on that point of negotiations our dear Joseph Ong couldnt make it since hes a busy working guy and at the same time, left for Manila to do a commercial shoot with Angel Locsin, Haay! i was in a noseblled mode to negotiate and coorrdinate the best people for this cover shoot. Soon, Sun.star chief fotog Alex Badayos gave in to do the shoot and Jessie is available by Monday. The third prob was, i was confined in the hospital for flu, i stayed there for 4 days and the doctor wants me to stay until monday! Noh, i will sign a waiver just to be on the shoot for monday" as i explained to Dr. Jason Cabahug who is so nice that he let me go and i left a waiver signed for North General Hospital. I was still sweating and everytime im exposed to the sun i hyperventilate. God knows i felt tired and still sicky on a sunday night. Monday came and everything was well coordinated by Emz and Jello, calling everyone who took part of the shoot and i discovered we are such a handfull of talents. Proving to a large scale production that we can move around with 6 hands combined and three brainers on the loose, hehehehe. I was happy to know that Kamiseta provided the outfit and Emz brought her HAvi's to compliment the beach scenario. the shoot started at 4:30PM and ended just right on time. A half hour make-up and 45 minutes of the photoshoot, less hassle and the model was a perfect match to go. She is no ordinary, a light mode in her and makes every click worth the while. Lesley Tan was so nice and accomodating that she fills the room with a glow and a lot of laughter and expensive chat about cosmetics and the brushes. Jessie made a perfect stroke for Nikki and the assistant changed the hair in an instant glam look. The moment i said " It's a wrap" was a chill on my spine to see everyone was a handful of goodies. the day ended a dinner at Casa Verde with chat from our past according to Jessie Glova as we were so crazy on our high school days. Well we are so fortunate enough to be where we are now and proud to say... it pays to be out!