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Gilligans Experience

it was so surprising to see sherwin mark villarta back in town from his sjourn over the seas and ocean of the world hahahahah. (wayok na description). so he came to the office picked me up with sheryl and his family we went to the terraces in Ayala and found a nook at the GILLIGANS. sad to say we waited like a total of 11/2 hour just to get the food and the drinks that made me impatient. i we waited again for 40 minustes to get our bill. if i hadnt spoke with the waiter about me from Sunstar we could have waited for an hour or much. but im trying to stretch my patience and applied the diplomacy and bureaucratic attitude and waited. i even had some dirty stuff like dried leaves over our pinakbet. but that wont help crave to write because the service was so lousy. you can even see them bump each other or glass fell from the tray. im trying to be considerate but i had a full visual of the chaos in their system. as a diner, i always look forward not just the food, presentation, people wo…

Traversing the path locally

the place was century old and everybody keeps going back track where the famous Jose P. Rizal exiled and practiced his kindness and freedom from th regression of the spanish colonization. i have been and trying to remind my self about the past where struggles from tyranny, violent environment from your own homeland. well, as i quote him "there can be no tyrants if there is no slaves"... but the city of Dipolog and Dapitan had given another genre to this enchanted and unforgetable place.

VUDU reinvents and opened its doors to patron

Attending the reopening of Club VUDU as gateway for relaxation, fun and kicked by the hue of the cities changing climate and forgetting the dilemma to the patrons; feeling the reinvention of the bar... i enjoyed my self as much as jello, emily candice and roselle.! Mama Jaja Chiongbian Rama was a good host and so with Innah Garcia and Innah Sagun too. April Rama, mader u are so fantabulous!!! Go check it out

Congratulations VUDU and Formo team

Fotos from a friend in the Freeman:

Heroe's HERO

i had been watching heroes for some time now! i had expelled myself to hang around with the couch, remote and the boobtube, i went gaga over Roberto Urbian as Santiago. and ohhh my god! he is a soul to the character!

fotos from the wire:
character played from the series HERO

Glowing wallpaper

im lurking at the net when i came upon this cute wallpaper from Sweddish designer Camella Diedrich. well her design are excellent as per the site she got online. i like the blue one for this stuff!

i love it in my room and in our salon

fotos from the wires

OMG! I was waiting for this all my life


i was on my blog site when i was surprised by post! it was so hot that i said to myself! THIS IS IT; its been 31 years and seeing a prince and his maleness, let me go to the comfort room and there! looking myself in the mirror and ask? am i hallucinating, hahahahhaa. but well, he is well hung and gosh, he got everything. He might be happy to experience life after all....

photos from the net
special thnx to bryan blog

Ugly betty's new terms

i was watching ugly betty last nyt over studio 23 and the episode was as wacky as the character. UGLY BERRY. it was a surprise to Rambutan on the scene where supermodel Adriana Lima was eating this succulent fruit which i enjoy and loved too and she was wearing an Oscar De la Renta gown. i believed this is the 4th or 6th episode if im not mistaken.

A messy Thursday in the office

we arranged everything for the pictorial just to make it sure that it will be a regal one. everything was set this coming Saturday, i was inviting Jessie Glova and Bobbie albert for the make-up, Benjie OrdoƱez for the clicks and Pops for the stylists. and all we got was a frustrating compalints from people who doesnt even know what effort we did just to gather everyone in this special once in a while occasion. i never waived my rights to be so quite yet they were trying to tell us, what the hell are we doing? isnt that too tiring and frustrating for us and how inconsiderate these oldies were to drive us nuts. Well as long as we had the general manager taken care of, everythings perfect with us. without us being shown publicly:) Jinx for them and how good riddance was it? damn, wish they were on our shoes

Im coming back for Motorolla

Its been months now that my fone is so dead. however with my bro had me lend a fone that is old enough from the present times, i am using to keep me aware of the deadlines, scheds and everything that my work requires. As a marketing coordinator and every link for advertisement has my go signal and affirmation from each client so i need a fone to keep me intact. I had a hearty talk with Sunstar Newly appointed general manager Jay Neri, Jr. and he was so nice to tell me to write a letter for my concern. i gladly did what he told me so. i am expecting that two weeks for now, i would have a new fone and chose this motorola fone a W230. it really fits my lifestyle, i love music that everyday i need it to keep me upbeat going to the office and the calls, texts and other items were all in one. it would be my greatest joy to get one and im too excited and cant wait:)

here i come! Motorolla

The new travel gear

i got this ad from Genre Magazine website, which i find so nice to trot along with. i beleive that it is such a gear of must haves for a frequent traveler me. would i be so fashionista for bringing this along with me? hahhahaha, well this is just the start of the awhole new traveling adventure with my new luggage:

fotos: genre magazine

Lugagges are from:

T. Anthony(royal blue $895.00)
Lomo Lubitel 1660V(
Conran trolley and suitcase $1885.00 and $2335.00 respectively
for more information

The hotties i grew up with

I would say so much and sigh after all not meeting any of these hotties. Starting to the hot lawn mower from Desperate Housewives and Eva Longoria's young interest; Jesse Meatcalf. Oh lalala i got this foto from another blog and it was soo hot i almost fainted. and the second hottie drooling worthy guy is Joshua jackson from Dawsons creek, i believe he appeared at grey's anatomy and gosh pacey had a good body to die for.

photos from

Shattered by OAR

a song that hits me much for its lyrics, hitting me bulls eye... these young good looking OAR(Of A Revolution) with lead vocal Marc Roberge is making the airwaves thru and i beleive this song is on its Top 20 every weekend. try to listen and if you have been in love and lost it i recommend. The video was directed by Danny Clinch and was done last july of this year and cared off, from their latest release album ALL SIDES

photos by

The secret life of bees

after watching the trailer of the upcoming movie based on this novel i searched much more about this book and then i remember i have read this courtesy of Ms. Ellen Joyce Soriano a colleague in Sunstar whos in Dubai right now. I was captivated by the thought that the author Sue Monk Kidd, a white from southern america and the characters were black. the movie starred Dakota Fanning(the main character), Queen Latifah, Jeniffer Hudson, ALicia Keys and Okenedo(which i remember co starred with scarlett Johansen). but lets see, the movie will be released soon in the Philippines. Im gonna watch this one!

i like to have my own copy of this book! a New yorks bestseller.

foto by wikipedia

some pics for my trips 2008

Holy trip i so call it. i was with Mnsgr. Jayme from Sorsogon ans bishop du and some of the bishops heading to Bantayan Island. it was a relaxing one! i had Bantayan island for the second round this year and this time it feels so different, when entity from the city stroll the native island with nothing but some few old folks and food to crave for. We always had shells(scallops and baliad), crabs and lechon for three days. exhilirating experience and gastronomical feast. i had my share, the beach in Sayaw with jelly thingy and the sugar apples we picked, the salty water on the deep well was a fantastic sight and the silence, unbreakable. it was just the sun, sand and sky again, hovering the island in full control from where the horizon had no end but was broken by islands that is just somewhere! Peter rodriguez was just another pal, singing my heart out in wilderness! hhahaha, we even shared some cases of Gold Eagle stale not cold and some jokes along with tatang! Kota beach and the f…

Our latest Supplement

its been a pretty hectic sked after my trips made for october, here i go again meet up with this wacky crowd, Jessie Glova the make up artist made everything with our stylists Pops courtesy of mami Dexter Alazas, our Half greek half filipina model, Joseph Ong the the fotog and of kors the supplement team as wacky as before and loosening to make the ambience inside the cemetery full of laughter. first burst of laughter at Jessie's new shop in mabolo then all the way to Cempark:

fotos by: Joseph Ong
Lay-out for Sunstar Cebu Supplement Team
Graphic enhancement by: Dexter of the Office of the Publisher

Good breed(looking good)

i was drooling over the vanilla ice cream but i got waterfalls over the photos that were shown to me. with much delight i got back to my desk and hurriedly googled each person and yes, gazillions of fotos that remarkably perverting me with all its might, hahahaha. not this early maybe later tonite when things goes dusky! refering Leandro Okabe and Akihiro Sato quite making hysteria and stirring up the modelling industry both national and international scene. these were just few of the much celebrated, make-the-gays-go-gaga entities that realy hit the billboard and make me stay up there cloud9:)

photos from

Pres. Obama has a nice butt

I rushed myself to get done from my days hiatus and sit down, relax breathe deep and start on letting a day passed by after everyone hit their gadgets and starts blogging about the victory of Mr. Obama. well i dont have the entire effing rights to blog politics. not my bloodline, hehehehe. Mr. wikipedia helped me searched Pres. Obama and guess what i noticed he got a good ass, man, hes one of the finest looking daddy in the highest form. My sincere praises to him and as i circumnavigate all the angle i just cant help but admire... im not too sure overheard buzz that he is against gay marriage, well, in anyform i admired his braveness.

congrats and keep working out!!! Oh lalalalalala

photos courtesy from
check out this article published where beautiful lamps are made from anything found in the attic or in storage room. a beautiful piece fro Light Art by Aleli owned by a good family friend Christy Aleli Villanueva. it was a fun shoot, original color varies according to our specs. we us CMYK so when uploaded it turn into something bright. where it supposed to be RGB when uploaded! my apologies... if you need to see them please visit their shop in banilad near girlscout bank

Chloe-See messenger bag

about $700 and i love this messenger bag and gosh, i will trot this bag anywhere from office to parties with no regrets! to sasi and abigail! drool over

i really love the intense hue of red and its the flirty color i want for christmas!!!waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

send me!!!

Toy watches? cool product

i am so dying to have a green of this green $195 plasteramic by Toy Watch its gonna be on my wishlist for xmas! i know its too expensive for me as middle incomed individual but gosh ill go my way tpo get it! anyone? hehehehe

Holiday style on politics

i was caught up in a blog about the latest hip and designers comment about the fashion trends over politics thru CNN by the In Style editor Katrina Szish! raked few designers like Michael Kors and Charles Nolan for their idea. they were so into the political scene not to comment on the the crime about being a political being but about their sense in chic. well its being dressed with supahh confidence and not just wearing it for the fashion hub of the world. is it true that Oscar dela renta dresses up Cindy Mckain? not too sure on that but young designer Zac Posen had so elastic idea pushing voters what to wear on the election day as i ran thru his motto " make the future look good" well his young, hip and he dresses some of the stars like rihanna, cameron diaz and beyonce knowles to name a few. he was into feminine side of the bearer. as i would say! i die with my style

photo: courtesy of In style online. spring 2009 collection


while the other part of the world is celebrating their victories (like Pres. Obama) i was hithering with sadness tho not that much, i felt drowned with this rainy thursday while sticking my ears to Mariah's - Im that chick; i need some tweener for bed and office. like any other ordinary day i am succumbed to isolation. office presence could never tell the emptiness im feeling. this must be the cause of getting soaked in an early rush brushing with the raindrops as big as the sprinkler in the garden. i had exchange some few sms with keith perez last night. told him the past thing i had been and i have a lot of things to catch up for that absence. it was just a sublimal relieving but still i revived the ecstasy i use to feel when i am so aloft with my environment. i couldnt care less of the time and realized it was 2 am. i could never break my mode, heaven! i might sound silly but yes, i kinda retain a strong sense of my mortality(which is so hideous) and im so obscured with the fee…

Rihanna and Chris brown live in Manila

my god, it cant beh! rihanna and chris brown ohh my god! Manila. it the ticket im drooling its 3000 and gosh on Taguig. Please share fotos if anyone who reads the blog could gather:) peace

The Virgin's suicide

another book that i had read wayback last year, was the string of the 70's problem about teens where they find life as boring as the breeze of the sea. metamorphic yet condescending with thoughts that to compare life here in the Philippines during those times when martial law, drought, hunger, rebellion and falling in love. the tragic story of a god fearing parents with children who were cynical, open minded died mysterious to the boy around neighborhood! four women, beautiful; brave yet has a world of their own.

I keep hanging on

a month of being carefree, soothing silence and calming ambience. i had a lot. it was a happy moment for me and for the rest of the people i had been with. the veracity where friendship and bonding really rolled into something different.