The secret life of bees

after watching the trailer of the upcoming movie based on this novel i searched much more about this book and then i remember i have read this courtesy of Ms. Ellen Joyce Soriano a colleague in Sunstar whos in Dubai right now. I was captivated by the thought that the author Sue Monk Kidd, a white from southern america and the characters were black. the movie starred Dakota Fanning(the main character), Queen Latifah, Jeniffer Hudson, ALicia Keys and Okenedo(which i remember co starred with scarlett Johansen). but lets see, the movie will be released soon in the Philippines. Im gonna watch this one!

i like to have my own copy of this book! a New yorks bestseller.

foto by wikipedia


august04 said…
Hi, there Joseph,
Just dropping by for a warm greetings. Nice blog. By the way I'm Ellen's cousin. ;-)

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