Im coming back for Motorolla

Its been months now that my fone is so dead. however with my bro had me lend a fone that is old enough from the present times, i am using to keep me aware of the deadlines, scheds and everything that my work requires. As a marketing coordinator and every link for advertisement has my go signal and affirmation from each client so i need a fone to keep me intact. I had a hearty talk with Sunstar Newly appointed general manager Jay Neri, Jr. and he was so nice to tell me to write a letter for my concern. i gladly did what he told me so. i am expecting that two weeks for now, i would have a new fone and chose this motorola fone a W230. it really fits my lifestyle, i love music that everyday i need it to keep me upbeat going to the office and the calls, texts and other items were all in one. it would be my greatest joy to get one and im too excited and cant wait:)

here i come! Motorolla


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