some pics for my trips 2008

Holy trip i so call it. i was with Mnsgr. Jayme from Sorsogon ans bishop du and some of the bishops heading to Bantayan Island. it was a relaxing one! i had Bantayan island for the second round this year and this time it feels so different, when entity from the city stroll the native island with nothing but some few old folks and food to crave for. We always had shells(scallops and baliad), crabs and lechon for three days. exhilirating experience and gastronomical feast. i had my share, the beach in Sayaw with jelly thingy and the sugar apples we picked, the salty water on the deep well was a fantastic sight and the silence, unbreakable. it was just the sun, sand and sky again, hovering the island in full control from where the horizon had no end but was broken by islands that is just somewhere! Peter rodriguez was just another pal, singing my heart out in wilderness! hhahaha, we even shared some cases of Gold Eagle stale not cold and some jokes along with tatang! Kota beach and the full moon just added the serenity from a
far. rekindling those times i had when i came home and Joel Borres took me out for a stroll in a nearby village in our place last oct. 21. i made love to him underneath the stars and the shining full moon. he made a promise that he will never forget me until he is 80 years older! i fell so much for it and felt that a woman in me needs a word to lift me from something unfiltered, someone so transparent yet loves me for who and what i am! Joel is a long story to tell, it was supposedly a one night stand and gosh after 11 years, he is married now with 4 kids and i am still single very available and i the fightings spirit meets him again after all the years of surving and him searching for me! a small world we live yet too big for us not to find each others arm. but no regrets at last because for the times we searched for something else, i still have him and him had me too!


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