Holiday style on politics

i was caught up in a blog about the latest hip and designers comment about the fashion trends over politics thru CNN by the In Style editor Katrina Szish! raked few designers like Michael Kors and Charles Nolan for their idea. they were so into the political scene not to comment on the the crime about being a political being but about their sense in chic. well its being dressed with supahh confidence and not just wearing it for the fashion hub of the world. is it true that Oscar dela renta dresses up Cindy Mckain? not too sure on that but young designer Zac Posen had so elastic idea pushing voters what to wear on the election day as i ran thru his motto " make the future look good" well his young, hip and he dresses some of the stars like rihanna, cameron diaz and beyonce knowles to name a few. he was into feminine side of the bearer. as i would say! i die with my style

photo: courtesy of In style online. spring 2009 collection


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