Sunday always Sunday

i always love the idea of putting a good sunday with vibes and barbecue; yes its barbecue. but no. we change our mind. i cleaned jellos room and suddenly felt theneed for solid food to be ingested and yes, JELLO and me, heading to Robinsons one sunday, doing the slightly grocer for pork belly, spaghetti and fruit salad. no side dish, but only rice, Tanduay and Coke. well, i cant help myself but to get busy preparing of an afternoon delight with few friends. i want to have the same in the house one day soon. bring some friends and make some noise. Traversing a sunday with carefree, innuendos were set aside and no homesick feeling( except for JC) whom we got a good laugh over his concern for the gril who was dragged by a male passenger in the car, Little less that we know, we ended up in the so called Numero Doce! slightly good, putting a real unleashing of pure energy... gulping down some few beer and head down to tinseltown!


Joseph said…
mga bayot kaayo ang tig luto hahahahahha.

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