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Gentle Kids


Ozamis view: it was the kids i missed most. their gentle eyes looking through me innocently. the silent treatment for nothing and the tender smiles that melt my heart. the people i met there, the parents of the AUTISTIC kids left my heart longed for something indescribable. so missed them and will go back soonest if they let me!it was when i saw them dig the best part to make it best after that made me realize they are just kids, nothing follows:)

Pagadian 2011

i keep coming back for Pagadians charming aura. the night life and friends i met there, the places i checked in and some naughtiness that goes with it! i made good vibes, shindig and some beautiful memories! one fave spot is DOKI's. love the generous serving and some cute guys:)

Look whos Kissing

Sun.Star Cebu 29th anniv and i had fun at the roofdeck with the guys and Vincent Galariada jus had his best luck on me! sweet! hahah

November Boracay


Such a weekend! boracay was a good mode grabber! it was the place we got so cheap, the food, the people, the rhumcoke at coco loco and the dip in the sparkling turquoise water, behind me are the vancas and the sunset! ahhh, it was like summer. though November is drizzling Boracay. still love the stroll going to station 2 the farthest and i had too many of station 1 tho! i still enjoyed it



comes 26th days after would be Christmas, time flies fast that unstoppable merry season is in town. Enunciating its coming is something everyone is getting ready with. I do too, too many turmoils, changes i realized i have to keep track of it and compile for me to be able to pursue the best of the next year to come. a feat of my personal judgement. I could have done few, but its more than whats in mind!

Year ends!


26 days to go before Christmas, and i cant see anything clear yet! been there, done that. scared, regrets of accepting certain project, had to undergo major changes, but i cant! i have to move backward a bit to find something else soothing. i enjoyed the trips tho, b

Neil Etheridge

OMG im looking gaga over this and more from Folded and Hung print ad in magazines and all blogs , he is everywhere. another one to drool over. A rare scene that excites me, but too much tempting and its hard not to be. Besides these guy made it to my top 10.

This man shows how male species strut their stuff in pizzazz. I hope to post soon Philippine volcanoes here tooo. Thanks to kat de castro and the for the photos

Last Song Syndrome, so love ittttt. replay 100 times

Ozamiz Pagadian 8.5.11

it was a blast, dickies at the ferry with this guy from Tacloban, hmm cute one then the encounter at the bus with the guy who helped me get my bag to the top shelf and followed with some little nauseating scene and im perverting myself with the idea. gosh is this the long trip escalates. paid off tho

Look what i found


Last Saturday after a whooping day at the wedding. Dale, Sasi, Pits and Nerdy lounge on Starmart Banilad which is owned by a friend Dean Bernal. Swigs and some lemonade makes a good conversation starter, but hey not until one guy went inside and brought a Hany chocolate just recently bought and to my excitement i bought my own and ate it until the last bar! oohh so miss it!



My account got hacked lately and this crazy guy posted so many stas ang pics, so funny i retrieve my emai. he looks like this

My facial assistant


it the cheap find i got in Subic! a dollar of this wipes, minus the oily and eeky feeling! it goes a long way! a beautiful life ahead or shall i say a beautiful me. Thanks to my facial wipes Neutrogena and L'Oreal!

Anvaya Cove experience


Went to Subic last February and i had a blast with great company of friends. Treated to this place called ANVAYA an AYALA LAND work of wonder. its pristine and serene location take me a deep breath of sigh after a very long trip from Cubao passing through the busiest streets of Metro manila. It was awesome and hoping for a repeat then!

Cracking boredom


Please! i just wanted to be happy hahah! i beg my friends to do me make up, hair and dress! transformed my self into someone so beautiful last nyt! and i call the re creations of RJ with me as FEVEYYYGGAAA! love it much. love the NARS blush on - Orgasm, the MAC foundation and the Gauche colors.

Never Seen Such Cutee


I heard its the end of the world "DOOMSDAY" as they say! its raining here in Cebu now; must be the sign? well i ran through my blog today and a hottie crossed over the page and grabbed his foto and ill do repost!

thanks to JOM2 for this! i can melt with him! wahahahahaa

Salon de Rose BTC


Im in love with the good service i got from Salon de Rose BTC, the service is tantamount to a first class salon service. I love the body massage with sauna and cost just less than a fortune! i cant wait to go back and have me pampered! i wish Audrey was still there for a discount hahahahah! paging Audrey Borja:)

CLARIN's Facial Care


Its been hard lately for me to go to a salon or a spa to do facial, instead me and my good friend mong went to Rustan's Ayala Center Cebu for a quick look of products for some self help. I found myself in the Clarin's counter and tried on their cleanser, toner and pore minimizer serum. i felt it all of a sudden, a lift at my cheek and on forehead. i believe its very effective and yet still cant afford to buy one since its P2k, but i promised myself to indulge with Clarin's product on the next payday!

My Journey


its been a solid year for me! modifying things i could and couldn't let go. Mortify and absolve myself with thoughts bearing the label of uncertainty. God dont like to see me in misery thats why he opened a new wave of adventure! ill post more often and im excited to tell you! meet Russian artist Pototsky and wife. rare encounter courtesy of madam armi garcia- russian consul

Another Year


Such time flies faster than the breeze and swiftly moving on for another year that was; had left me astounded. happy to create a wonderful beginning this Year, my Birthday was celebrated with good people, friends and loved ones. have been in wanderlust for the coming months and looking forward for the better. Would have wondered whats in this year had me.

Well, to begin with life's full of challenge and everyday as i wake up, smelling the beautiful life i had and cornering the details with some edgy, spicy me had made me gone this far. I promise to maintain that beautiful disposition and invigorate my being sexy(hahahahah) to make me more going and going and getting what i love to do.

1. VUDU came with its beautiful masterpiece, LUXX! such dollop and lust for its inviting ambiance and a reflection of good years to come! Well, now whos complaining then? Bursting with youthful touch from the magical minds of Butch Carunggay, you'd be struck in nanoseconds. Let my soul fly…