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listening to Rihanna

im a Rihanna fan, addicted to a soulful music, that reverberates like ecstasy. Making my day ahead of anybody. Love the zillion instruments kinda music. it eases me up today.

plane ticket

i love reading the news over the net about the lowest fare deal of cebu pacific. grand as it is to think of flying from cebu to puerto princessa. bahala na, ill take all the chances. i got the zero fare going to manila. it was a great deal. Im going with a friend from the office, Jello


Some of the scent that i am having now and some have tried and i loved its nice fruity yet inviting smell for world tried parfums: list no.1 for me is the light blue by Dolce and Gabbana, the citrus smell and Cool Water by Davidoff, Happy by Clinique, Pleasure by Estee Lauder, and Vetyver come last by Lanvin. well, i do have Tribu, Cumbia and Hot all by Benetton. In addtion to my collection is the Ralph Lauren for women. so cotton fresh, so enticing.

my sandal is almost saying bye2

well im a slipper person and besides, its comfort brings me off to the next level of excitement. i could run and even dip it in the sea water when i travel to beaches. but today, i feel pity to my sandal, my only Birken. tho i know that i could buy another pair but not today, still have to pay my obligations! honestly, i was looking around SM and ayala for birkens but i believe VIA Venetto is closed already, which the sole store i knew selling authentic Birkens! anyone could send me a pair hahahaha, i love its durability and lifespan.

DKNY pants(so feminine)

i just loved my DKNY stretch pants. it has been 5 years of wearing the pants and not until yesterday when i knew i gain weights. but the pants still does fit me well. i dont care the tummy bloats as long as i still get the perfect fit with my GUESS hooded shirt. it was that rainy morning had made me wear it, with my boots from my aunt. the fit goes well.

Ravelstien by Saul Bellow

a good friend miss Carmel Geverola gaved me this booked since i told her one time in our chat at the canteen area about this funny book, which is profound on depiction of the book. a story of two college professors and complications of their erotic attachment as they aged. i love wikipedia for it shortens the books entirity.

inspiring the single women out there

take things swiftly in this book, funny and funnier as you go on and turn the pages. its inhibited form makes this book worth the read.

The Hundred secret senses

This book is all the way worth the page turning, i love it. it was lent to me by a colleague in the office. though i read the joy luck club which made me teared up, i also love this book for its funny conversation, plot and the story about the struggle of life and relationship, real or make believe. its worth the read and inspires me to keep in touch with my past and look better off be gentle for the future.

The true joys of life

Saturday and it was so late, past midnight. my ass was kicking at the back of Dongdong's car, with sheryl and epoy heading west; Pinamungajan. i was indeed hesitant to come but its an extraordinary family i will visit. they were the joy of my life for the love and fun i experienced in their place i called home too. i share the same treatment with their children and i am loved, i feel special. i feel the world had somehow showed me the opposite of my agonies and strange feelings in the house; the biological house im living in. The love of life had made me strong and clings to their place where i call it my own home.


i know upon seeing the title; a reader might progress something into the things i do just like anyone does, hahahaha. i am talking about the book i had read and finished for five days. its from the author of the movie done by kirstin dunst the Virgin Suicide; called MIDDLESEX. its a narration type novel which is like in a movie that somebody is doing narration while the reader really expound the whole scene into its own imagination in reality. i was astonished of the momentum of the story that each turn of pages takes you to different locale and the acts could put yourself into it. About a hermaphrodite that slowly got stuck and confused of the sexuality. thnx god im gay, im no confused and im happy. the author had made a remarkable milestone of studying the location of the story, research of the facts and figures on where does hermaphrodite really came where he excatly pinpointed countries that one can find them. its exhilirating, i cant help but turn the page till i get weary. i lo…