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some guys i saw at my multiply friend

well aside from theyre cutee, they can be our next cover model on mags and TATLER too!!!!

The girls( i mean the IT girls of marketing)

i know Sundays were supposed to be rest day period for us or family day too. But for us hard working heroes, we dont mind the day where we like to have fotoshoots. i arranged a date and the make-up artist, the location and of course the main menu, the poser or shall i say, the Stricken pose of an Ultimate no if's and no but's model. I love Wen-wen Zaspa for gracing the supplement over his magical hands donning the models, Chief photographer Alex Badayos for lending his day-off to a work mode, Isolde Amante for giving me this big favor, mama Jaja Chiongbian Rama for the locale provided to us, and the ultimate love! mother April and Gabby Rama to grace the cover of our Mothers day supplement. on this issue, we will be paying tributes to women, who are smart, brave and powerful to take responsibility as a single mother. well, our salute to our mother( my mom is the best) and to all mothers who in restless yet condescending to our brags and whining, they were always there…

UFC- yummy

i went crazy over my new fave sport which is the Ultimate Fighting Champions.. i saw this episode; it was a replay of Roger Huerta and that certain mad looking, long haired guy (Clay Guida, thanks to Roger Huerta is such a tamed player, patient to retaliate and has the looks. hes a hottie. i had fun watching the game while twitching my toes every strike and felt my presence on the game. hahahah, i was soo silly, that i collapsed at the couch because i felt i was that strong as Huerta. It was insane but i really love UFC from the day i was hospitalized last Dec 2007 till now. i wanna try Jiu Jitsu discipline too!!!!

There and then!!!

in straight days, i was drinking soo hard since holy week. i should be somber next week. i promise... but well, if a friend is in town and interested to get the way and paint the town red!!!!

THe Ever(gin) meeeee

as a friend commented about this foto: birhen sa atay!!! it made me think that i can be the one, the one that can fill the insane world. i doubt if one cud think the sane me and the out of this world compliment i could get! but what so certain even when inebriated! is that i stay cool!

the Sugar sweet party in bantayan 09

Cebu crowd gathers as they unleash the heat, as i unravel the party mode and mingle in the soul of the lost entity.

my holyweek in Bantayan 2009


Wednesday April 8, 2009... i was having a relax day. never had a thought to got to Bantayan island since, i want to renew something that i used to do before this tempting island keeps me enticed whenever heat strikes town. Went to Ayala and stayed at Bo's coffee with Cathy Estores and hubby Arnold. i am flabbergasted with the feeling of freom away from work and grab an ice cold passion fruit tea while hubknobbing with the days we havent met. It was then i realized i go rowdy over a crowded area, thus making my exit to grab a full meal at Harbour dimsum near my joy. i had fun then, i was talking over my plans over the weekend and firmly stood on my decision on not to go. i slept past 3 am.

Thursday April 9- 10.30 AM- My dad's fone rang, and handed the handset to me, It was the Ads and Promo Roselle Reyes called, tellimg me to pack and go to Bantayan immediately; then hang up. I was on an on-call base for holy week. about special assignment or work. then i got the second c…