The girls( i mean the IT girls of marketing)

i know Sundays were supposed to be rest day period for us or family day too. But for us hard working heroes, we dont mind the day where we like to have fotoshoots. i arranged a date and the make-up artist, the location and of course the main menu, the poser or shall i say, the Stricken pose of an Ultimate no if's and no but's model. I love Wen-wen Zaspa for gracing the supplement over his magical hands donning the models, Chief photographer Alex Badayos for lending his day-off to a work mode, Isolde Amante for giving me this big favor, mama Jaja Chiongbian Rama for the locale provided to us, and the ultimate love! mother April and Gabby Rama to grace the cover of our Mothers day supplement. on this issue, we will be paying tributes to women, who are smart, brave and powerful to take responsibility as a single mother. well, our salute to our mother( my mom is the best) and to all mothers who in restless yet condescending to our brags and whining, they were always there! and to the ultimate, Mother MAry!!! To US girls, we love everything we doo, so cheers for us as we unravel another feat in publishing history: DEDICATED to EMILY JADE VALERO AND JOSE JELLO CUBELO


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