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funky way today


it was so tiring. woke up early and prepared early for the fotoshoot. i was soo tired yet i got t alot of things to accomplish. loves the marco polo today, heres the taste of the safro me and the sign for Koreans

I can smell the grass

It was a special sunday for me, time to grab some fine details about the greenery and smell the eucalyptic air in Taptap. i had a good view on a sunday afternoon. after munching in Lechon, i had a playful climb with the new found friends which are five year old twins.

my friendster


Pinamungajan fiesta and Aloguinsan beach

when bold gets bolder and the hot gets fiery and us getting fiesty over the event in a place we just love. Pinamungjan fiesta this year was one of a kind, encompassing and extra ordinarily fabulous us set foot and partied till we drop. thanks for the Hidden beach experience, taking off the woes and stress.

it was a hot saturday, BLOCK-out in the city

i was so lucky enough to meet Angelo Baretto, the PHILO pride for his circuit driving experience in EUROPE driving the MERCEDEZ BENZ M3 with people from Goodyear Manila. Had my pleasure also talking to Ramon Miguel barredo who in my swift behing the humid environment still utter the sweetest words amidst the gruesome condition. Media had fun too right RHEA DE PABLO? i find it hard on the challenge coveting the win is not that easy fixing a car tire, i felt like im on a barbaric act or some sort, hehehehhe, but hey its worth the sweat. for the repeat!