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living a life around peaceful environment, gives a relief after a stressful work shift. i can no longer recall things from the 8 hour work mode i got. i try to simplify myself after tons of load kept inside my brainy. i fight lurid things inside out, not until lately i noticed that someone from the workplace were starting to be a puppet from the old people which i call them wicked witches. i started to be numb again, after after another, i am considering the fact that there'll be changes inside, but nothing as i suppose. Changes in terms of political views in work ettiquets, views about freedom, slips away from the mainstream. i am losing hope now, cant even reiterate that foremost, my capacity to keep the work starts to fade slowly and grunts a lot about these disciples who knocks my nerve just to defame someone in the spirit in me. Tho, i always left that sore in the office. i cant take it out with me and i have to keep my lifestyle in about and nothing else. what really…