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2008 first full moon party

it was friday, 18 January 2008 venue: Cowrie Cove Shangrila Resort and spa Mactan Cebu. i had a great time, Kate Torralba unveils her new collection for the Cebu market and the conclusion; i was toxicated, seen the great creation of a great colleage and fun with the three wacky people in the marketing division, Jello, Grace and Emily. well, some photos speaks the beauties in demand:)

me and nothing else

its been a while i wanted to hook up on blogspot but to no avail for so many reasons; one of them was the password with my gmail account was busted. so i went off to ask help from a very good jeloo cubelo whom we say becomes so fanatic of its blospot for eons now. so here, i am starting to cross my border from multiply to blogspot. hahahah, funny me but ill start from here and lets see where this would lead me! i would welcome myself for being here:)