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Another Year


Such time flies faster than the breeze and swiftly moving on for another year that was; had left me astounded. happy to create a wonderful beginning this Year, my Birthday was celebrated with good people, friends and loved ones. have been in wanderlust for the coming months and looking forward for the better. Would have wondered whats in this year had me.

Well, to begin with life's full of challenge and everyday as i wake up, smelling the beautiful life i had and cornering the details with some edgy, spicy me had made me gone this far. I promise to maintain that beautiful disposition and invigorate my being sexy(hahahahah) to make me more going and going and getting what i love to do.

1. VUDU came with its beautiful masterpiece, LUXX! such dollop and lust for its inviting ambiance and a reflection of good years to come! Well, now whos complaining then? Bursting with youthful touch from the magical minds of Butch Carunggay, you'd be struck in nanoseconds. Let my soul fly…