living a life around peaceful environment, gives a relief after a stressful work shift. i can no longer recall things from the 8 hour work mode i got. i try to simplify myself after tons of load kept inside my brainy. i fight lurid things inside out, not until lately i noticed that someone from the workplace were starting to be a puppet from the old people which i call them wicked witches. i started to be numb again, after after another, i am considering the fact that there'll be changes inside, but nothing as i suppose. Changes in terms of political views in work ettiquets, views about freedom, slips away from the mainstream. i am losing hope now, cant even reiterate that foremost, my capacity to keep the work starts to fade slowly and grunts a lot about these disciples who knocks my nerve just to defame someone in the spirit in me. Tho, i always left that sore in the office. i cant take it out with me and i have to keep my lifestyle in about and nothing else. what really matters is that i am just too tired already or perhaps too fed up with bullshitting on a regular basis inside. might i be so tired? king of shits might drop some bombs unnoticed. anything interesting will be upfront, and to the unimportant, well i set them aside and move on to the next target. hahahaha. i always give lame reason for them, but i always thought that so many people loves me to not disappoint them in the end. to hail me, yes, to rock me very yes, but fuck me? hahahhaha. when your innate of being genius, the answer is go to hell. i feel elated to those who always in dire communications with me, like jonah whom in someways we felt different at thing in view about life and politics, in general he is my such opposite yet, who learn how to handle my naivety and continuous to pour over his relentless advices. im proud to reach this far and to those pessimistic, i took the wrong turn for you because your going nowhere but dead end. i always let god differ me from those entities, i could never be eloquent nor nice to such agony the sore in their hearts. they never know, resilience is another defense over crucial attacks and most of it all, popularity makes me strong like marbles.


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