my holyweek in Bantayan 2009


Wednesday April 8, 2009... i was having a relax day. never had a thought to got to Bantayan island since, i want to renew something that i used to do before this tempting island keeps me enticed whenever heat strikes town. Went to Ayala and stayed at Bo's coffee with Cathy Estores and hubby Arnold. i am flabbergasted with the feeling of freom away from work and grab an ice cold passion fruit tea while hubknobbing with the days we havent met. It was then i realized i go rowdy over a crowded area, thus making my exit to grab a full meal at Harbour dimsum near my joy. i had fun then, i was talking over my plans over the weekend and firmly stood on my decision on not to go. i slept past 3 am.

Thursday April 9- 10.30 AM- My dad's fone rang, and handed the handset to me, It was the Ads and Promo Roselle Reyes called, tellimg me to pack and go to Bantayan immediately; then hang up. I was on an on-call base for holy week. about special assignment or work. then i got the second call that we got work to do in Bantayan events. So at 12 i was on the bus station grabbing the 12.30 trip to Hagnaya. by 2.45pm i set foot at Hagnaya along with other travelers to the island, 3.30 and the ferry is set to sail, with a flock of good looking men and women whom where friends back in the city and others were merely there. night time was a great party at rommel's resort with Pump and globe. i enjoyed the well deserved retreat from the city. we set up our streamers and i become a patroller for events together with my Fotog Alex Badayos the institution chief. met and greet with Cebu's crowd and new people too. ended the party by 2 and got to be back in Jean bastinen's place in Bantayan proper. I ahd a night. the sight and sounds with lots of fumbling had to put to rest for Friday is another night to shindig.

Friday April 10- Went to Obo-ob mangrove plantation and frolic over the 50 hectare plantation and flirts with the camera under the heat. Night time comes at Sugar beach party with Y101 guys(Mael lavares, Carlow Montrecillo, Steph, veronica) with Lofts Vannesa and Joseph Villanueva. I saw my friends Gladys and Din2, with lots of guys in the party. PJ was there too and eman whom brought SOJO and the rhum coke that flooded me with soo much joy! it was another big party i am enjoying.

Saturday April 11- Doon island and bird watching over an islet with new guys and our tour from the budget department, alex and me enjoyed the best of the island. the great view, the Carageenan plantation and the flock of birds was a wonderful experience. but wait, the remnants of the watchtower made during the spanish era over doong island was the IT.


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