i know upon seeing the title; a reader might progress something into the things i do just like anyone does, hahahaha. i am talking about the book i had read and finished for five days. its from the author of the movie done by kirstin dunst the Virgin Suicide; called MIDDLESEX. its a narration type novel which is like in a movie that somebody is doing narration while the reader really expound the whole scene into its own imagination in reality. i was astonished of the momentum of the story that each turn of pages takes you to different locale and the acts could put yourself into it. About a hermaphrodite that slowly got stuck and confused of the sexuality. thnx god im gay, im no confused and im happy. the author had made a remarkable milestone of studying the location of the story, research of the facts and figures on where does hermaphrodite really came where he excatly pinpointed countries that one can find them. its exhilirating, i cant help but turn the page till i get weary. i love the fixations the author put into life of a story might be not ordinary but to explain that even on abnormalities there is still life and justice to live and be loved by the people we knew and even had to live forever. acceptance of the fact is the only reason that somewhere somehow, happiness is the only reason to survive. no matter what you are!


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