The new Pace-- for 2010


A new journey had led me to a new home which is the FORMO and VUDU, doing my best as a pr guy and marketing in one is something new to me. Its hard to cast a root and leave the soil where i learned to acknowledge the brighter things that goes a long way for me. another hit on the mark when i found a new place to dwell which is more convenient. I cant recall the times im making effort to move away but then finally i decided to, not to think the many blessings i have, i must take care of this now, i must find a better option rather than sit and frown. I have been in constant happiness and feel the celebrity status running through my veins. In fairness, im loving the people and the work im doin right now!

I love the party that started to uproar since December and it continues to be like no tmmorrow! I love God for opening his door for me when everything had been in turmoil.

Sinulog comes, after New year after Christmas, well! this is life as i felt it


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