while the other part of the world is celebrating their victories (like Pres. Obama) i was hithering with sadness tho not that much, i felt drowned with this rainy thursday while sticking my ears to Mariah's - Im that chick; i need some tweener for bed and office. like any other ordinary day i am succumbed to isolation. office presence could never tell the emptiness im feeling. this must be the cause of getting soaked in an early rush brushing with the raindrops as big as the sprinkler in the garden. i had exchange some few sms with keith perez last night. told him the past thing i had been and i have a lot of things to catch up for that absence. it was just a sublimal relieving but still i revived the ecstasy i use to feel when i am so aloft with my environment. i couldnt care less of the time and realized it was 2 am. i could never break my mode, heaven! i might sound silly but yes, i kinda retain a strong sense of my mortality(which is so hideous) and im so obscured with the feeling! i will try my best to be retain the composure and reagal. i always had friends, jello, emily and mercy to laugh and get lunatic in the office and spread evilness...


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