A messy Thursday in the office

we arranged everything for the pictorial just to make it sure that it will be a regal one. everything was set this coming Saturday, i was inviting Jessie Glova and Bobbie albert for the make-up, Benjie OrdoƱez for the clicks and Pops for the stylists. and all we got was a frustrating compalints from people who doesnt even know what effort we did just to gather everyone in this special once in a while occasion. i never waived my rights to be so quite yet they were trying to tell us, what the hell are we doing? isnt that too tiring and frustrating for us and how inconsiderate these oldies were to drive us nuts. Well as long as we had the general manager taken care of, everythings perfect with us. without us being shown publicly:) Jinx for them and how good riddance was it? damn, wish they were on our shoes


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