Gilligans Experience

it was so surprising to see sherwin mark villarta back in town from his sjourn over the seas and ocean of the world hahahahah. (wayok na description). so he came to the office picked me up with sheryl and his family we went to the terraces in Ayala and found a nook at the GILLIGANS. sad to say we waited like a total of 11/2 hour just to get the food and the drinks that made me impatient. i we waited again for 40 minustes to get our bill. if i hadnt spoke with the waiter about me from Sunstar we could have waited for an hour or much. but im trying to stretch my patience and applied the diplomacy and bureaucratic attitude and waited. i even had some dirty stuff like dried leaves over our pinakbet. but that wont help crave to write because the service was so lousy. you can even see them bump each other or glass fell from the tray. im trying to be considerate but i had a full visual of the chaos in their system. as a diner, i always look forward not just the food, presentation, people working to get the orders and services that the establishment could render. im sorry but i was so damn dissapointed, they even backbite with all their nerves. i cant even understand the cajouling. Preempting the hunger not just in Gilligans but to some establishment who cant seem to understand the word customer services and its content of the context. except for some fast food chain!!!


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