Wedding Bells afar

PAGADIAN 2008, the second time around to beat the odds and face myself another challenge for a friend. His wedding, Bernie Estores and Ann Santillan, both hailed from Pagadian. I made a quick change and derived an idea to create hysteria as in total make-over for teh venue, total change of the mode at the reception. Well i got my surprises over the priest who pratices CHuppah a jewish practice which they made a canopy for the couple, the priest was soo crazy for me. He might thought that me looking at it was a stupid guy, hahahaha, hes loss. and to the hang ups of Ann's mom and sister with that host wannabe from Cagayan hahahaha, they were so funny, conventional and so provincial stupids! At least i proved them wrong, i got the last laugh!


RAS said…
Your comments Joseph are interesting. I would say, however, that stupid is quite a strong word to use.

The wedding turned out to be very nice in the end although getting there was difficult.

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