a weekend getaway at San Remegio Beach Club

Whew hot summer weekend, and the ball start rolling by 6 am, my fone was filled missed calls from emily and jello. aside from the texts i was so tired with the time i came home from my grandmas wake. im ready for San remegio beach club and i am apalled with whats going to happen. i was so freaky late. but i went to catch the whole team over Jollibee recla. hahahaha, im sure that these people were so furios now. well, humid weather on a saturday, heading to the rendezvouz is not that easy, its a two hour trip almost three. gosh i almost vommited with being thirsty. thanx to bobbie albert the great magician aka make up artist. we had fun all the way. the day was filled with activity, right after we arrived, greeted by stuff from san rem, had lunch and rested; i took the itenerary out, shoot begins at 4.30 with mr. allan d, tasked to do the shoot, while jello and i does the styling, bobbie was busy with his retouching. we were so busy with the fitting, and measuring the area, whew under the scorching heat, we made our best out of the sand sea and sun. we produced the best ever shoot for summer this year! came out last april 3, and im proud to say. its the best! thnx dexter to our models, aki, sir tony ynoc. and to my greatest teamplayers emily and jello, we made another feat. ma dead ang mga insecure mam hahahahaha


joseph bontilao said…
thnx for the photo editing courtesy of dexter

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