Pagadian and Osamiz

April 22, 2008, AT, Gothong Butuan bay docked at Cebu Port. Kuya arnold and i slept very soundly, while te cathy did not. we transfered from tourist to cabin, where the four bed supposedly occupied by three. it was a great trip, seen a lot of friends from way back then.

it was a blast over my experience in Pagadian, the food in a hundred pesos its a meal for three already. the Estores family were such a family too. i had fun in their haus. just like i was in Cebu. i am soo relaxed and yes i am safe with old folks and new one, ANN(Bernies fiancee), Michael(kuya arnolds bro and works for BDO) and Isabel their youngest. with their papa. we had a great lunch, sumptuous one. We were working together to a great party on a Sunday. We roamed around too, and guiltlessly spoke my idea about the place. THE NO NO TRAFFIC SIGN, the undiscplined drivers, the weird trike, the laid back pace and its development. The people i have seen, were some moslems and some catholic.i might not even recognize them. there's this place we visited that i forgot the name. it was a great spot for the wedding, but since we spoke to the grouchy manager named Jerry(who braggs a lot about his experience that it sounds funny to me sorry for his ideas were so shallow thats why) i never choose the place for the spot. anyhow, we had the great dinner at Guillermos, seen this training/seminar of transco for one month, imagine that. but well we did a lot of work and while going back to cebu on monday afternoon, it was a great buss ride, with some cutees and on even eat at Greenwhich in Ozamiz. there was mcdonalds over Ozamiz too, i miss home, Mine, the kids, my life in a free world!


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