that sweetness, your nearness

Sinulog fever comes too soon and vanish like vapor of thin air. Its a city mayhem, haven for devotees and the party! but i wasnt been stricken by the bug, it was this guy who caught my eyes that in some other way was owned by someone i knew and closest! Agustus Brian Baron Enriquez. introduced to me as sep2, impressed by his loftty smile but hails a down to earth persona! i could grab a bunch of that smile and kept it forever. thats the first stance to pull myself into normal behaviour. i cud go wanton but i am scared to go beyond, i might give a wrong impression. but he was moved by my wit, charm and cuteness that he even made way to introduce himself tho aloof, he made his way! he is fun, sweet and sms always have the key word for me to jump over my seat or in bed! weeeeeee, i think im starting to fall but im paving the thot of not to, because he is getting me there!


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