Cul de Sac

it was late when i came home and another bottling session with my hommies is on a humdrum. leaving my notions not even once. it was a great stint with this guys when you can feel the reverberating contusion in the throat as words and tanduay 5 years passes thru it. it is where i could vent my anxiety and without asking sympathy from the boys in my life! MAK2 the person i could confide with so many things, was the person to help me ease up. with titing amon, allen the more suggestive to chaos person( sorry for that) well, he does all the time; gido, binky and James.

i then find the plot a small collision cum big differences to tackle, waiting for the first person to open up. what so funny with us beacause after every arguments/language barrier eat your heart out session, we all does cheers to the friendship. it was a cul de sac for me not to open up, not to be honest with whats inside since im there, sitting, sipping and sharing my mind for the day cum unwind.

James was more of the drama queen, pouring out so much attention to nerdy's criticism/joke. well, in fairness to nerdy who always have the worst criticism ever could always shyed to humiliation or shut up. in this group its not how to get in but its how could an individual survive the greatest humiliation, green jokes, picking and the unending chores to keep you up. well perhaps the girly james could kill the exact replica of Nerdy picking him of his show-off gums, the elephant ears or the sunglasses over the legs hahahaha(excuse me i also got one, ahemmm). but then again i was refering to survival, how could it be when gay vs. gay attacks suppressed? well i dont know for everytime i end up in a hot seat, i always keep them going, for i am too sure they'll get tired of me pretending to be non-chalant of the ferocious attacks from Sasi especially(well she is just my cousin, an insane, lunatic, alcoholic Mc Donald Manager). but they are more scared of my uninhibited attacks. i dont think twice , i just keep on going when im on the track.

sometimes i could feel that i could go somewhere else but i made a point that i wont step on some one elses shoe. sorry for my stupid mouth, that i could be tactfull to tactless! well i could thank the whole sweet bunch for being so nice and inspiring. to the guys of TAPOKO this would be the best time to thank you, and for the detractors, wait for your turn! hahahaha


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