My fairshare with mother nature

Nothing can beat my happiness and excitement, when office of the AVP told me to pack up on a Monday thats july 27 at 12.30 to leave for Moalboal by 2pm. I had nosebleed getting the instant assignment putting me in trouble first i have to go back home, ending my complete uniform a short stint in the office 2) i dont have enough cash to bring for my vices, hehehehhe. but things weren't my way, as my beloved mader dear tatits asked our finance officer to shed 500 for our per Diem. great i said. and set, im ready with Jello as my usual partner in trips. we found ourselves comfortable in a V-hire for Moalboal, soon by 3.15pm we left the Citilink. we arrived by 6.10 in Club Serena and met up with Rica Gomez at the pavilion to let her know were there. brief conversation soon the front desk officer led us to the adjacent resort which is Delgados. we were then found our nook and relaxed a bit. by 6.30 i found myself at the shower area and dressed up. we had a good dinner and some tanduay and coke. MEt Up Quino, Melinda, and all the guests divers. We lend our ears to gary the environmentalist and a diver and his group for some healthy info. met up Shio, Ivan who were so nice to break the ice between jello and me. We stayed at the same place.
Soon, the day arrived.. started with healthy breakfast and listened to Quino while he spreads the mechanic and the day is just so wonderful for the beach and our purpose to be there. We had healthy lunch too, i love the utan bisaya with lechon and shrimps. I had fun, anticipating for the next dive because i just love the water and underneath. i was dumbfounded with what jello and me experienced. It was awesome, i cant believe how beautiful it is down there. found a lot of new friends and laughter just sorrounds us, except for the weird girl and his partner. Never the less she never had an inch from my nerve. i also came upon to meet haze cabotage, had a small talk with him and some military guys who joined the seashore clean-up. i i felt that in some ways, when i dont do things at home, i had been doing it in somewhere else, which made me proud of myself. it connotes the eagerness and my worries for mother nature.

Its so heartwarming to find people in all walks of life joined hand in hand. My fervent hope is that they would do this regularly, sand looks beautiful when heaps of garbage were taken out. i had been guilty throwing garbage or my cigarette butts on water forms, i learned my lesson. its shameful to let other people clean our garbage, it is none of the worlds business to return our debris and waste without us having second thought. let us be responsible, i did my share.. i hope you do too.

Thanks to Melinda, Haze Cabotage, the beautiful couple Quino and Rica, who enthusiastically welcomed and ushered us on the entire duration of our stay, the divers, Yvone, Lyn and Joan whom we secured friendship and trips. Doris Orge, sis and tina whom i shared a brief laugh at the kiosk and the people and acquaintance. i missed it and hoping for a repeat.

Going home bringing with me wonderful emmories from Moalboal to barili. the ice cream stop and everything:) till then


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