Its been months now of contemplating of my fate working in a corporate world. my brother last week, mocked me for i am not worth of what i have right now. which i was thinking twice about it too. now i must make up my mind to know the road to lead me to something i can breathe. tho i have to miss this whole damn thing, but i must learn and i must set to move on. As logane told me and girlie, there will always time for us to re conquer the whole story again and friendship to congregate, and that they're happy for me. i would leave without the existence of upheavals and and yes i should go with all the wonderful memories that marketing give me. the whole fun and a whole new door, a space that filled in, the landscape turned into beauty; were all i cherish. the people that made me feel uncanny! and the names that they already exist and create an etched in my pages and pages of story, i will forever treasure. and for this, maybe a month from now, i will be signing off.... till the next book.


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