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i was flipping my newspaper page today October 23, 2009; Sun.Star Cebu on B section for Live Saturday edition, when the topic is about ZUBUCHOn, a lechon thats been concocted by Marketman. and his guest is Anthony Bourdain, who had an inset on the page along with the lechon or roasted pig. he commented about its the best of the best. and i scanned over my blog and connected to this guy's fotos and i heard he is gay? it might be slanderous but i was just curious.

I was flipping channels last night and happened to catch the first episode of the new Top Chef. I don’t think I’ve ever watched this show before, but something about deep dish pizza kept me enthralled. One of the guest judges was Anthony Bourdain, who has his own show, No Reservations. I won’t say I find him particularly attractive, but here he is nonethless.

Anthony Bourdain

If you want to see him in all his glory holding his pork, click here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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