Ondoy or Pepeng(the typhoon)

despite of the devastation caused by typhoon Ondoy and pepeng, we filipinos managed to get up and try to put a smile despite the ordeal and gloomy environment the country suffers. that despite of the worlds view on us, we have not let the calamity tear us down to sadness and depression. tho we may feel that we lost something, but still a bright new hope has for us ahead. we derived from a filipino strength and cultivating the culture of bayanihan and the camaraderie made us survived despite in a low string situation. we may have neglected the problem but we are the positive people who face tomorrows another challenge with great smile and heartwarming wink!

On our issue dated October 13, 2009, page A4(Sun.Star Cebu), it got me on this foto that i uploaded made me feel and be proud to tell the world that we are such a bunch of happy people on earth!

i believe that we should be thankful with our environment, from our parents, siblings, grand parents, uncles and aunties, neighbors and friends and lets not forget the acquaintances, that which in other form have made us realized that we got everyone covered!


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