The Moalboal weekend get-away

We were invited by Backpackers Lodge owner Torsten Siggelkow to attend the opening of its Moalboal's new place to stay in the most budget-friendly Hostel. I failed the first time since i was in atight budget then and stranded with soo many things to do. Last June 6, i should keep the promise since its been month for having it delayed. Finally, I convinced Jello, whom my constant buddy on every trip i possibly made impulsively. We took the 5:20pm trip of Ceres bus going south; to our amazed bus fare is 75.00 only and reached Moalboal by 8.25pm. we grabbed trike ride going there for a hundred and whalllaaa. We reached the mediocrity of Panagsama beached, passing by barrio's celebrating fiesta. There, we met the owner and mary ann the wife, Carrie the Fil-American who hails from San Diego. Suffering from her eye sore. we were ushered to eat the pork chop grilled and barbecue, we had red wine asnd efter the sumptuous diner. we were then led to our room right after the sales counter area, fronting us the large storage area. in the room was 2 bed neatly prepared with towels and we were toured around to where we could find our comfort areas like the shower, comfort rooms, kitchen and everything. soon we were inFORMED that we are going to holler at the beaches and aprties around Panagsama beach. i took a shower to freshen up and soon, Jello and me sashayed the wet small village road in our national costume the short and shirt. first stop was The beach Bar where we enjoyed out two bottles of beer, then proceeded to Pacitas, where me and Jello were struck to see the scene, locales cladding in their (mis)outfit, and the rubber shoes over the skirt and orange tube, the smells that stinks from the armpits, the foreigners who loves to be with them and some were that cute and some were so ordinary. it was like a party, hahahahah. sorry to be so snubbish but we left before we could say something bad about it. and Torsten was so polite to take us back to the lodge and offered us rhum coke and he beer. we had a night. and enjoyed the rest of the night. went back to cebu and brought along good memories with a good friend., check the site plenty to explore


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