after a lazy Sunday packing our stuff and checking out the hotel, which i dont want to and im sure the rest of the guys too at alte 12.30, our boss want to eat outside at sutukil which stands for sugba tuwa kilaw. i was excited over this idea. i really want to go home since i miss my ate,s kids and missed my bed too. i hopped on sir jay's car and there we went ahead of the group. went to drop at Mannas and sir jay spoils to find all the things he liked which we all does. Lobster, shell and Lapu-lapu.Who else doesnt care to eat it when the shrimp turn red and buttery, the kinilaw that has the freshest melting taste and of kors top it down with ice cold 7.UP. quencher and of course filling. I had fun experience listening to Pio, Mikel, Inez and Tiffany, kids discussing over their party (pio's bday) whos going to spend it, where to, and Inez said the funniest line. " Kuya if your going to have a party, cn i invite my friends too? in which Inez is just 5 years old. and so on the conversation tackles until were inside the car. love this kids for sure...


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