i always felt bad about what happened in the philippines. the ordeal that Manila and the neighboring towns was devastated by sever flooding and hundred died due to the malady. i am in my own way, tweets and post donation caravan for the people from here and abroad could see what happened. i was so heartbroken to the high water, the flash reports, the distress call from ordinary people and all walks of life. it came upon me that what if it will happen in Cebu, which we could never tell. I appreciated the effort of philippines TV network, done their campaign for Sagip Kapamilya and the Kapuso, our very own SunStar Cebu is also doing its part together with other establishment here in Cebu City philippines and individuals to do the share. To Y101, VUDu and Formo, Caltex, RCTV, CountryMall, Julies bakeshop and many more, our praise and appreciations also for PNP, military agencies, rescuers, to those who died during the rescue service, the celebrities and to the individual who in other ways are heroes... let us continue to pray and support the victims. God Bless the Philippines.

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