my latest portrait by JOSEPH ONG

it was a rainy saturday; we had fun again for the shoot.

The Project: Photoshoot for the COVER Plus and Special, Mother's Day Supplement

The Models: Cheryll Ballreich (Anthony's better behalf) and kids elle and anton. Thnx to this guys, they were so patient and caring.

We invited a special fotog for this issue. JOSEPH Ong; what a great guy to work with. he is so manageable, his work ethics is so pro. I like him best when hes quite and thinking and he is a burst of ideas that he shed into us. thnx for his great clicks that even surreal quiteness was just incognito. with the essence of fresco everything's breezy! Again, the production could never be complete without the whole cast of beauties, me Emily, Jello and Bobbie. Attached foto was a candid(kuno) portrait by him!


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