in agony


Crazy thoughts running in every corner. convulsing pulse rates and heart beat could not be mended now. i cant help but think in volatile, mind is in havoc over a person whom i tried to comprehend but yet he was'nt there, he wasnt missing me after all. i hate things to die down for no reason, without a good fight, without effort. Everything becomes abstract to a playful destiny; im churned by fire and swallowed with conformity. But it vanished into thin air; i cant go beyond nor stay on this world that long if i would think he still existed; im too exhausted to think now. Its eating and tearing me down like an ice cream melting under a normal temperature; what is so advantage of this ice cream is that theres this tongue to lick the drips and hands that holds unto it. Sad to say but i am closing a chapter where i become so foolish, too drowned with elopeness, revved up for excitement me, but it wont get me anywhere nor hook me to a place where i can be of myself. i hope i made a difference now nor starting to be brave" as oprah was quoted" Leaving a love you've suddenly outgrown can be heartbreaking, but it also shows you're strong enough to walkaway from a relationship that no longer makes you happy.. Moving out of your comfort zone can be downright scary but it also proves just how brave you are to take on the unknown. Stronger, braver, wiser. You always do a little growing up everytime you do a little letting go"


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