Unwinding South

it was a wicked sunday, i was out the other night for a send off party for billy the great whose going back to Dubai again. i was with his family(apple, lilly and eko), camille, mikey, his brother and family, Epoy, Estoy and GF, Ibyang and Dude. we had bottles of beer, panga and pork. then came sunday with tons of sleeping to do, but my sister came over to the house and woke me up to ahve lunch over their place. Since i miss the kids over the weekend, i then woke up and splashed myself for kill off the silly heat inside the house since electricy is dead.Veco changing post for i dont know reason, later then i found out that they were changing concrete posts with the old one.
i was then in an eating mode and garbed with fish, shell soup with adobo, mais na kan-on and coke. superb brunch i suppose with the kids nagging for some books to read, calls from the office and of course text from dale my bro whose in makati now for his so called odd-venture. bryan my brother in alw told me hes going to Barili, yes indeed i got less to do for the week starter, i grabbed my short shirt and bag to go along with in his new project. 12 in exact we left Bacayan and by 130pm find myself drinking gatorade at the mercury drugstore in Carcar. stretching my foot with my ASS so numb of the ride. i suddenly felt a relaxing mode anbd ready to hit the road again off to barili. it was such a lovely cloudy day, sun is paving way for the clouds to cover me from the dear heat, and im starting to feel that im dark now(vain me hehehehe). then by 2.15 were in our destination. saw jake that tall dark guy with his luscious smile(luscious refers to shiny white teeth and cute lips ready for a torrid kiss, hehehe) greeted us and took us to their house. built in the middle of a corn farm and banana plantation, it was asigh of relief, i washed myself with pure water to cool off that hungry and thristy shin and hair of mine. plus the fact that pollution sticks to mah face:) we then proceeded then to their project site, 15 minutes far from the mainland Barili after my coffee and their lunch. i was now on jakes cab. relaxed, chat a lot since our last time was like eons. changing jokes and how have been questions.

The project site

well is a residential owned by a filipina and a british guy, whose looks so much younger than the wife. needs to have heap and heap of barricades for the riverbank to their place, whew what a work to do as i suppose. but i never tend to be bothered with that, but what bothers me was the beach front sand colors were chromish or is it orange? must have been the reflection of its vicinity im not a NATGEO entity to discover, but the water were crystal clear, it amazes me so much.


we then agreed to proceed to Moalboal which as far as i could remember that is two to three towns away from barili. well the trip going there was hell lot of fun, the chat again and some seduction with my temporary driver has led us to laugh out loud all the way till we reach Saavedra which is near the beaches of Moalboal, we then proceeded to HK beach resortand grabbed 3 bottles of San mIguel grande. chatted more while making fun of these odd looking women with some german guys, mimicking and making scripts of every word spoken with our own rendition. we call them Manny Pacquiao girl in black, boom boom bautista in yellow short and that last one is Fulguso the dog, hhaiiiii, i sighed for these kind of scenery, one is how these odd looking girls met up yum yum yum guys, hmmm insecure me. but hey its their business anyhow, next is is prostitution cum friendly gesture is prevalent in Moalboal? well i hope their government is watching over this matter. i cant even say something since im on their turf. well too good that i have company too with some people who were also non chalant of whats going on in that place. went back to BArili then to the City with lots of memories fromt that trip.

all i can say is that i had fun, i unleashed my inner self for that trip, a breather and of course the excitement to go back. its once in a lifetime to go back south and experience the splendid day with the sights and sounds of the trip. next time would be better.


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