i was all alone in the cab, i feel i was in oblivion for the silence between me and the driver in the middle of the traffic in San Carlos Talamban going to my office. i was looking at the left corner when i saw this guy in white shirt clinging the shoulder bag of his girlfirend talking in an internet cafe nook. it was a very long stop, i was not paying attention to him not until he looked at me and in my blank stare the registration was so slow, the stares took a while when i remembered the guy from my hi school days. CHESTER PUGOY the guy from my third year high school classmate. he was my first kiss, and probably the best person i can say that i was in love with. hope he is fine and doing well now. he's married and dunno the rest of him till' this moment. That guy from USC Talamban made me miss Chester so much. as i was slowly drifting from the heat of the sun in my silence i said my prayer for the man i learned to love on a 1992 valentines day inside the lonely library in a catholic school:)


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